Yellow Crib Bedding for the Nursery

Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 | Comments Off on Yellow Crib Bedding for the Nursery

Over the years baby bedding has transformed.  It’s like fashion and it changes with seasons, as low rider jeans and Jacki O dresses do.  Once the nursery was all about teddy bears, fluffy bunnies and ducks.  They decorated many household nurseries, but today moms and dads have a wide selection to choose from and this year Bumble Bee Crib Bedding has been the favorite of many new parents.  Gender neutral nurseries are becoming more popular, as parents become less interested in learning the sex of their new baby.  Some might think that shopping for unisex bedding is boring – but they’re wrong.  There are many adorable, fun and even adventurous crib bedding on the market today and here is just one example.

There are many things to consider when designing your nursery, such as crib mobiles, wall decals.  Even the color scheme is important:  bright and vibrant colors verses neutral earthy tones not to mention the countless themes and shapes.  So if you are going to choose a more muted color pallet the popular bumble bee crib bedding set will surely be delightful in any nursery.

Soft yellow with cool white and bold black is the perfect balance for your gender neutral nursery.  Bumble Bee baby bedding set features lovable creature’s buzzes around the nursery enthusiastically keeping your little one entertained while you warm another bottle.  It’s no wonder this nature inspired bug theme nursery would be perfect for your little honey bee.  This set has matching curtains, crib mobile, clothes hamper and more.


Your little honey bee is sure to love this creatively designed nursery with beautiful muted color pallet that creates a warm and cozy environment.  This crib bedding collection is just perfect for your gender neutral nursery.

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