Travel and Kids: First School Field Trip Survival Guide

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5 Steps To Surviving The First School Field Trip

Learning about the first school trip of the year can be very exciting, yet sometimes scary, for your little one. He or she will most likely rush home waving the permission slip before your very eyes, squealing with delight. As a matter of fact, it’s all they’ll talk about for days.  With the first school field trip Survival Guide created by those of us at Baby’s Own Room, both mom and child can enjoy the experience.

If you are the adventurous type, you might think, “What’s there to survive?” As for you, go ahead and skip right down to the end of the post and just tweet, G+, or share this with your more tentative friends. You know the ones, those who might worry that the first trip will be a frightening experience.  Here are some of the top questions and concerns of most parents.

  • Will there be enough chaperones to look after the children?
  • What about seatbelts on the school bus for the long ride?
  • What safety precautions are in place for lost children?
  • Will my child be afraid?
  • Will sack lunches be stored properly?
  • How will the group handle wash room breaks?

It’s only natural to have these concerns. Talking to your child’s teacher or principal can help ease your mind about school policies and procedures designed to keep children safe on field trip day. This little chat can also give you the tools needed to teach your little one how to behave and follow rules during the trip.  Once you’ve got that covered, there’s just the matter of planning for the big day!

School Field Trip Survival Guide

  • If your school wears uniforms on trips, you are ahead of the game. It’s easy to notice someone out of place when the group is dressed alike.
  • No sandals or uncomfortable shoes. There will be lots of walking involved so make sure your son or daughter is wearing comfortable shoes.
  • Make sure that your little one knows his/her full name and home telephone number, just in case. Knowing the school and teacher’s name is important too.
  • Pack a sack lunch that does not need refrigeration if at all possible. Stay away from mayo and other foods that spoil easily.
  • Go over bus safety tips, staying with the group, and restroom safety.
  • Let the teacher or room mother know if you have a problem with your child wandering away in public.

If you are still a little concerned, you can always volunteer as room mother and attend the first school field trip with your little one. That’s a whole experience in itself. Look for my guest post at Everything Mommyhood, sharing how to be the best room mother ever!

Please share your great field trip tips with us, we love comments and you just may help another mom.

Safe travels!

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