Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

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When you hear of the news that a friend or family member is pregnant, you should start planning the baby shower.  First things first, the new mother to be will decide on a nursery theme and which decor will be used.  Lots of mothers to be like to find out the gender of the baby for better planning, where others enjoy the surprise! Once all the details are in order, you can begin shopping for affordable designer crib bedding and other fun decorations.

The best time for a baby shower is when the weather is not too hot or too cold. Try to use a church fellowship hall or your home for the location. An afternoon baby shower is ideal because everyone will have time to eat lunch before arriving. Decorate the room with appropriate colors if you know the sex of the baby, if the mother is expecting a surprise yellows and greens are great neutral colors. Try to stick to the nursery decor when shopping for shower decorations to tie the entire experience together.

showerideasGet a few friends to help you with the shower by giving everyone a job, delegate snacks and drinks to one friend, and employ others to be in charge of decorations.  Then you can focus on the invitations, which will need to be sent out at least two weeks in advance and be sure to include where the new mom to be is registered to make gift buying easy.  By entrusting a committee to get the details of the shower nailed down it becomes more enjoyable for everyone and feels more like a team effort. Try to have everything set up about an hour before the shower begins.

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