The History of Crib Mobiles

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Baby’s Own Room was fascinated to learn about the history of crib mobiles and decided to share it on the blog. When selecting a mobile for your precious little one, here are some interesting tidbits to keep in mind. For one, did you know that the very first mobiles did not necessarily move? They were actually constructed as sculptures. Literally, they were works of art. 

A well known American artist named Alexander Calder is thought to have invented–or been the inspiration for the mobile. Calder got his start as a freelance sketch artist. In the 1930s he began experimenting with the sculptures he’d been making (mainly circus animals made of wire and wood), and introduced moving parts into the pieces. Thus the mobile was born!

Evolving into popular accessories for baby nursery cribs, many moms-to-be wouldn’t dream of leaving them off the list. They are now looked at as musical toys meant to entertain our babies and hopefully soothe them to sweet slumber too. Ideally, after baby gazes intently at the crib mobile, sleep will come. Also, some suggest that you select designs that are black and white. These color contrasts are known to be easily seen by younger babies and can help stimulate developing vision.

Isabella Black and White Crib Mobile

Quick Tip: Black and white color contrast crib mobiles are usually the first noted by babies and may be most helpful in stimulating developing vision. Do you have a crib mobile listed on your baby shower registry?


Here are a few safety tips to remember when using crib mobiles.

  • The mobile should be securely placed on a rail that is well out of reach of baby.
  • Once a baby begins sitting up or can stand supported by crib rails, it’s time to put away your crib mobile.
  • Make sure to select a mobile with objects that are choke safe and intended for child play. This way you can cut the shapes or animals off the string for your older baby to play with.

You may want to check to see what the mobile’s song is–and the length of time your mobiles music will play. The mobiles at Baby’s Own Room play Brahms’s lullaby and fit standard cribs.  Share with us, does your baby fall asleep gazing at the crib mobile?

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