The Gift of Rest for a Lifetime

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Do you have a new baby coming soon? Do you have a baby ready to move into a toddler bed? Would you like to have a bed that will grow with baby through the years and have a one time expenditure? Have you considered a Lifetime Crib? Why not? Questions, questions. Every parent has to make these decisions when deciding on a bed for their child.

There are many things to consider when selecting a crib for a baby. The most important, of course, is safety. And, if you will scroll down through my blog posts you will find an article that addresses this particular issue. But, I know that you are also all about style and functionality. Frequently, new parents are not thinking much beyond the fact they need a crib for baby. With all of the excitement of a new arrival, the baby shower gifts and great advice from friends and family, they really don’t step outside the moment and look ahead.

A Lifetime Crib is the perfect solution to take your child from infancy to youth. First, it is a crib with durability and ease of use. When your child reaches the point where he is ready for a toddler bed, with the turn of a few screws, and an addition of a guard rail, you have your toddler bed to use for several years. When you feel your child is ready, the sides become the head and foot board for your child’s bed. You add the rail/slats set that is purchased separately, a new mattress and your child continues to sleep in the familiarity of the bed he has grown up with all his life. And, remember, the same mattress you purchase for baby’s crib is the mattress for the toddler bed. Very functional, very useful, very practical.

To complete your room for baby and truly make it a lifetime purchase, you can purchase the matching single chest of drawers, or 6 drawer dresser (add a changing kit and this then becomes a changing table, later just your dresser), and a night stand, and you have a room that your child can use for life. There is even a hutch that sits on top of the 6 drawer dresser that is a book case. One purchase at the beginning and you don’t have to think about it again.

Perhaps, you feel you can not afford to purchase all of these items right away. In today’s economy not many young parents can. But, what you can do is choose a collection you like, purchase the crib and changing table, with drawers, and build your set from there by adding pieces later. Just be sure to choose a manufacturer that is well known and will be in business when you are ready to add pieces.

Merry Christmas from Baby’s Own Room

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