Thanksgiving Holiday Foodie Fun With the Kids

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Having fun with food and kids during the holiday season.


Everyone knows the true meaning of Thanksgiving, but it’s the delicious foods that we most anticipate. Making food fun, while still being healthy for kids, isn’t always easy. Baby’s Own Room has come up with a few variations of some Thanksgiving dish ideas that will have the kids coming back for seconds. 

Most of us look forward to having turkey with mashed potatoes and stuffing, candied yams, and green bean casseroles–finished off with homemade pumpkin pie or a similar variation of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. However, those of us with young children know that it’s not always easy to get kids to eat these time-honored holiday foods. We’ve come up with a few variations of some Thanksgiving dishes that keep things fun and tasty at the kids table.


Decorating traditional Thanksgiving pies for the kids can be fun.

Decorating traditional Thanksgiving pies with the kids can be fun!


For starters, how many know that kids can get grumpy and hungry when waiting for the main meal on Thanksgiving day? Let them snack on healthy goodies throughout the day. Set up finger foods like grapes, cheese sticks and cubes, raw vegetables, nuts and popcorn. This will keep them satisfied and out of the kitchen so you can do all the last minute preparations.

When meal time comes, one fun way to get kids to eat their Thanksgiving supper is to serve it in fun, kid-sized portions. Instead of giving your five year old a giant turkey drumstick or a boring piece of sliced meat, serve chicken or turkey nuggets. Here are a few more ideas we came up with.

  • Make up a batch of chicken drumsticks.
  • Bake child-sized portions of dressing in muffin tins.
  • Create tiny little personal pumpkin pies in tins for dessert.
  • Involve your little ones in preparing the feast. They can help with choosing dishes, shopping, day before preparations, mixing ingredients or setting the table.
  • Let them decorate your house for the festivities.

By giving them jobs to do and input on the meal, you are greatly improving the chances that they well want to enjoy the fruit of their labors.

As with anything, what works for one child will not work for another. Try out some of these fun ideas and find out which ones keep your children happy and full this Thanksgiving. What else would you add to the list? We love comments so share away. 🙂

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  1. The hardest part in getting my kiddos to eat their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals- are the appetizers before the meals! I try to limit what they eat before big holiday meals, but that often gets difficult when you are amongst a crowd of family.

    I really like these tips and ideas!
    Ashley B recently posted…Animals are a Family’s Therapy.My Profile

    • Thanks for chiming in. You are very right, that goes for the grown ups too, lol! Thanksgiving is only a week away, Happy Holidays. 🙂