Summer Fun with Tots and Teens Together

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African American Parents Boy Children Riding BikesSometimes it may seem like tots and teens are from completely different worlds, and the idea of them coexisting in peace nearly unattainable.  Rest assured, summer fun with tots and teens is definitely within grasp!  If done right (and smart) both age groups have a lot to offer and learn from each other.  Better yet, there is plenty of fun to be had right in the backyard without needing to spend much money.

Be physical!  Tots and teens typically have plenty of energy to burn.  With a few common household items, teens can set up a cool obstacle course that tots will love!  It is so good to keep kids active and moving.  Once the tots get worn out, the teens can have some fun adding in tougher maneuvers and more stations to take an obstacle course from beginner to advanced.

Get wet!  Who doesn’t love to cool off with refreshing water works in the summertime?  You really can’t go wrong with water play outside during hot weather.  Set up a sprinkler, and watch the tots and teens squeal in delight.

Chanel the inner artist.  Kids love sidewalk chalk.  Teens can draw big pictures for tots to color in.  It’s also fun to use sidewalk chalk to trace shadows every hour and watch how they change with the position of the sun.

Blow some bubbles!  Store bought bubbles are decent and cheap, but you can make your own for even less.  There are many different recipes online.  Some concoctions can make giant “tot encompassing” bubbles.

Get dirty!  Gardening is a fun and rewarding activity for people of all ages.  While letting your tot loose in the family vegetable garden may not be the best of decisions, letting your tot plant some pumpkin and sunflower seeds can be very educational and exciting. The teens can help with the weeding and watering, and once harvest comes, all can enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Teens may even want to try to grow a giant pumpkin (if space permits) and enter it into the local county fair.

Chill out!  There will be times when kids of any age need a break from the heat and decide to venture indoors.  Making popsicles can be fun and nutritious.  With teens running the blender and tots helping determine what goes in, you can have delicious and interesting flavored popsicles in no time.  Just poor the concoction into small paper cups, insert sticks halfway through freezing time, and then just chill.  Tots and teens will be more than happy relaxing in the shade and slurping their snack together!

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