Should You Stop Working Out During Pregnancy?

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Should You Stop Working Out During Pregnancy - Baby's Own Room Blog

Even in the most enjoyable of pregnancies there are bound to be good days and bad days. Did you know that there’s something you can still do that will lift your spirits, help to make you feel attractive, and even ease the pain of childbirth? It’s called exercise. Even more great news is that having an exercise routine while pregnant has been shown to decrease back pain and swelling–and help avert or treat gestational diabetes.  So the question today is–If exercise has always been your “thing”, should you stop working out during pregnancy?


Basically, you should exercise during your pregnancy for the identical reasons you exercise when you are not pregnant. Exercise enhances your mood, helps to control your weight, it’s good for your heart, and helps you maintain flexibility. Let’s face it, being pregnant is no excuse to let your exercise routine go to the wayside. If you’ve always exercised then your pregnancy won’t deter you from keeping an effective and safe exercise regime while pregnant. If you’re not used to working-out, your pregnancy is as good a reason as any to begin a moderate exercise program. As we always say here at Baby’s Own Room, we are not health professionals. So, please make sure to discuss it with your doctor whether you’ve exercised before your pregnancy or you’re just starting out.


With your doctor’s approval, yoga, swimming, and walking are great exercises to do while pregnant. Pelvic and core and cardio exercises are almost certainly the highest priority.


Horseback riding may not be the best exercise while saddled with a bouncing belly full of precious cargo. However, there are other exercises to avoid while pregnant that are less known for being too dangerous. You should avoid contact sports, sports requiring considerable activities or balance, and anything where there is a high probability of falling. This includes exercise like cycling, skiing, and scuba diving. High-intensity workouts should be avoided.

Quick Tip: After your first-trimester, it is also suggested that you shun any exercises that put you on your back. 

So, if you are wondering if you need to stop working out during your pregnancy, the answer is no! Besides, you’ll love yourself for maintaining an exercise regimen and seeing how much easier it will be to get back in shape after the birth. Go for it!

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