Potty Training Toddlers

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Potty Training Toddlers

There is no secret that Americans do many things differently than most of the world, and it is no different with potty training. Americans use diapers, and most of the rest of the world does not use them. When it comes to potty training age, between two and four, Americans are required to go through a song and dance to convince the child to potty in the toilet instead of the diaper. This is not so in many other countries.

Sticker Chart

One technique that can be used to help children want to potty in the toilet is with sticker charts. These work by having the child put a star on the chart every time they have a dry diaper, and make it to the bathroom. When their sticker charts become full, the child can then get a reward. The final reward will be underwear that the child enjoys instead of training pants.

Marbles Jar

Another technique that can be used is the marble in the jar method. Every time the child pees in the toilet, he or she gets to put one marble in the jar. If the child poops in the toilet, then he or she can put two marbles in. Again, the child gets a party when the jar is full.


Finally, you can use candy as a bribe to get your child to potty in the toilet. Most parents who select this method choose M&Ms because they are individual. Skittles also work, and it is often one piece of candy for urinating and two pieces for having a bowel movement. This method can sometimes back fire so be careful here.

In other countries, many parents allow their children to have bare bottoms and train through elimination communication. This just means parents are more in tune with their child and watch the signs (or cues) that their child needs to use the restroom. When they have those signs, they take the child to the location where they want the child to go potty. This routine just becomes the norm, without a big showing as many American parents make it out to be. However, like all things, what works for some will not work for all. BabysOwnRoom.com encourages new mom & dad’s to try new things and see what works for you but don’t be afraid or worry about what others will think.

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  1. I am a huge fan of potty training without any artificial reward. I waited until my daughter was old enough to feel and appreciate the satisfaction of the independence that comes with going on the potty. It wasn’t fast, but our patience paid off! Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link Up Community.

    • Hi Jen, thanks for weighing in on our potty training topic. Kudos to you, patience is a virtue. 🙂 Love the Tuesday Baby Link Up Community!