Plan Ahead and Create Themed Halloween Costumes for Your Family

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Regardless of whether your kiddos are big or small, perhaps you can talk the group into dressing up together this year! It’s a great way to get the family into the Halloween spirit and just think of how great you will look trick or treating though your neighborhood or at your community Halloween festival. Once you get everyone on board, it’s a great idea to start planning your family costumes early so you have plenty of time before Halloween to get everything together. Especially since you want the holiday to be stress free and full of fun!

Once your family has agreed, get together to come up with your family theme –  this part is the most fun! Some fan favorite ideas include: a band of superheroes, The Addams Family, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang, a group of ghosts, or Harry Potter characters. Planning in advance gives you plenty of time to be creative. You could also come up with your own version of Star Wars or be the Pac-Man Pack! Perhaps your family wants to be extra spooky this year so flashback to Beetlejuice and incorporate some monsters into your group! The possibilities are endless.

Planning in advance allows you to have options about how you shop or if you have enough time to do things yourself. If you wait until the last minute you will be in a bind and be more likely to make rushed purchases with larger than desired price tags. I prefer to hit my local thrift shops and to scour my home for pieces that can be as a costume. For example, if your family decides to go as a ghastly group of ghosts – you can easily upcycle old sheets into a fun ghostly costumes.  A lot of times you can find unique items to incorporate into your look that will separate you from the crowd! Plus, hitting your own closet or the thrift store is great way to keep costs down and you are helping to save the environment too.

Planning in advance gives all you DIY parents out there time to glitter, sew, bead and braid your costumes to perfection! When it comes to ordering costume pieces online, make sure you give yourself plenty of time. You may think you know your size when ordering but you can never be completely sure. Ordering in advance gives you the ability to return items for different sizes if things don’t fit! You will also avoid having to pay for rushed shipping to make sure everything arrives in time.

The idea is to start early – so you will have great family Halloween costumes that are ready to go at the end of October!

Has your family ever dressed up together? What themes can you see your family dressing up as?


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