Paternity Leave – Are More Fathers Taking Time Off To Bond?

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Paternity Leave - Are More Fathers Taking Time Off to Bond With Their Newborn Babies

Thankfully it seems that times have really changed. Or, has it? Paternity leave is becoming a widely accepted norm, especially in Europe—but now North America as well. Just as many new mothers are eager to stay at home and care for their newborns, a good number of dads are too! There seems to be a trend where fathers are more inclined to take time off from work in order to bond with their child. 

When it comes to paternity leave, are more fathers taking time off to bond? Is fatherhood a priority to more men these days? 

This type of evolution in thinking has a lot to do with the rising number of working mothers who opt to go back to work earlier than they normally have to. In most cases, maternity leave can last up to two months, but some women are quite career oriented that they choose to go back to work a lot sooner. It’s a personal family choice, but nowadays both parents can each take a turn bonding with their newborn babies.

Supportive husbands now have the chance to care for their baby during the first few months. Especially those with jobs that allow for flex time or those enjoying home-based opportunities. More men are realizing just how precious this period is, and that they can never get it back once their child start growing like a weed. Remember when new father, New York Mets baseball player Daniel Murphy, was criticized on-air for taking a mere three-day paternity leave? What are your thoughts on how we can make it the norm for new dads to embrace fatherhood early on–with the early bonding experience of paternity leave?

Baby’s Own Room Tip: Since paternity leave is now allowed and recognized by many companies, fathers are given the same opportunities that women get when they have just had a baby. Check with the Human Resources department to learn about the paternity leave benefits that work for your family. Do this early on in the pregnancy so that you can plan ahead of time.

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