Nursery Wall Decor

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There are so many things that parents have to do to get ready for the arrival of their newborn. One of the first and most important tasks is to decorate your child’s nursery. The first issue that parents encounter when creating a nursery is that it is slowly becoming a “thing” for parents to wait to see what the gender of their child is. Not to mention the fact that some children never get into a proper position where the doctor and parents can see what their gender is during the ultrasound. Fortunately, whether you are decorating a nursery for a boy, a nursery for a girl, or a gender neutral nursery – there are tons of decoration options for you to choose from.

Starry Night Wall Hangings

One factor that most parents overlook or do not initially think about when decorating their child’s nursery is nursery wall decor. Nursery wall decor can be a great way to really define a nursery as one that is for a boy or a girl. It can also be a great way to capture that a nursery is gender neutral as well. It all comes back to picking the right options to decorate the walls of your child’s nursery. Colors and themes are going to play a huge role in this decision.

Bumble Bee Wall Decals

One fun idea for wall art that is great for any gender is hand print wall art. This is where you capture your child’s hand and foot prints to be displayed on the walls of their nursery. It looks great on the wall and makes a fantastic memorable keepsake for the future. The best part about this wall decor nursery choice is the fact that when your child is a little older they can help you with the decoration. You can put paint on their feet and let them walk around the canvas. This is a fun way to interact with your child and create beautiful wall art for their room.

Isabella Pink Memory Board



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