Nursery: How To Create A Safe Diaper Changing Station

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Nursery: How To Create A Safe Diaper Changing Station

The essential tip to creating a safe diaper changing station is organization. When time for a changing, the very last thing you want to do is run around searching for diaper cream, ointment, diaper wipes, or a diaper pin. Remember that once your little one is settled on the changing table pad, and strapped; it’s still not safe to move away from baby even for a moment. 

Here is a handy list of what you should have within reach whenever you change your baby:

  • Keep at least a dozen cloth or disposable diapers on stock.
  • A supply of your preferred diaper rash ointment or cream. (Baby’s Own Room would like to caution you against using baby powder as most pediatricians share the concern of possible inhalation of dangerous particles.)
  • Plenty of wash cloths, diaper wipes, and cotton balls.
  • At least 1 change of clothing, just in case.
  • A diaper pail. Although it does not need to be fancy or expensive, you should consider one with an air-tight lid.
  • A generous supply of cloth diaper needs such as diaper pins, diaper covers, and Velcro fasteners.

Now that all of your supplies are accessible you’re ready for many safe, clean, and comfy diaper changes. When you are prepared it can be a fun and engaging time for Mommy and baby. (Not to leave out Daddy, if you are lucky he will pull late night changing duty!) Don’t be upset if your little one dislikes diaper changes and wails the entire time. Quickly handle the task at hand as safely as possible. On the other hand, some babies love the changing time that can be spent singing, talking, playing, etc.


Turquoise changing pad cover for safe changing station.

All of the changing pad covers at Baby’s Own Room come with safety straps. Be sure to keep your baby safe. Pictured here is the Hooty Turquoise and Lime Changing Pad Cover that completes the look and feel of your baby boy or baby girl nursery.



Here are some quick tips shared by real moms in our community.  Please feel free to add your favorite tips, we love comments from our Moms!

  • Set up mini changing stations on every floor of the house. A cute little basket or container including a couple of diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream will save a trip to the nursery for quick changes. ~ Alicia
  • Keep changing supplies by your bed for midnight feeding diaper changes. You’ll be done and back to sleep in no time. ~ Rhonda
  • Make sure that your baby can’t reach the supplies! ~ Courtney
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