Nursery Decor: Crib Mobiles Stimulate Your Baby’s Senses

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When you are looking to add some style and stimulation to your child’s nursery decor, crib mobiles are a great place to start. One of the biggest things you have to worry about and deal with when you have a newborn is keeping them entertained. The unfortunate truth is that newborns are not able to do a lot until they start learning how to move and grab things. It can end up being a few months before your child is able to hold onto and play with toys on their own.

Everyone knows that you cannot just leave a toy or a pillow in the bed to entertain your newborn. While this may give them something to look at for a while, it is not very safe for them. When it comes to up-keeping the safety of your child’s nursery decor, crib mobiles are the best choice you can make.

Crib mobiles are completely safe for your child. Furthermore, they keep them entertained as they give them something to look at. Most mobiles also plays music which gives them something soothing to listen to as well. Playing a Crib Mobile when your child is going to bed or getting ready to take a nap is extremely helpful in getting them to go to bed as well as creating healthy sleep habits.  Here are some great crib mobiles that coordinate perfectly with our Baby Bedding Collections.

Hooty Turquoise & Lime Green Owl musical mobile that plays Brahms’ Lullaby softy and is designed by Sweet Jojo Designs.  Four friendly colorful owls dance beneath a canopy of teal and lime, each with their own personality keeping your sweet new baby laughing and smiling.



elephant-baby-bedding-2 Elephant Brigade crib mobile by Cotton Tale Designs. Underneath a quilted canopy of cream with a ruffle strip are five polka dot baby elephants ready to talk your one to sleep with the every popular Brahms’ Lullaby.  This crib mobile coordinates perfectly with the entire Elephant Brigade Baby Bedding Collections.




Dr. Seuss Cat in The Hat musical mobile by Trend Lab. Looking for something a bit little more whimsical?  The canopy features a scatter print of the classic book’s in barn red and black with accents of blue, orange, green and yellow on a white background and framed by red star embossed velour. Four stuffed silly cats that whirl around slowly to Brahms’ Lullaby.


It is highly suggested that you avoid making the environment your child sleeps in completely silent. If your child gets used to sleeping where there is no noise at all, every little noise is going to wake them up. While this may not be a problem at your house, if someone else watches your child or your child takes a nap while in public or visiting someone – this could turn into a problem and quickly.  Life is going to change when you have a new baby to take care of but remember that they are a product of their environment.  Get your baby on a schedule and expose them to lots of different environments and you’ll have a baby that can easily go anywhere, anytime.

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