Music IS Good for Your Baby!

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If you have ever wondered if your baby can benefit from music then just think of all the times you’ve put on a relaxing tune to wind down at the end of the day, or used an upbeat melody to motivate yourself and put a smile on your face. Your baby is no different. For decades, lullabies have proven solid for soothing infants to sleep and you are probably among the many parents who have learned the words to classic songs to sing your kiddos softly to sleep night after night. Continue to do this!

Did you know that music is sometimes part of therapy for premature babies because research links listening to music with improved weight gain? Music can benefit you, too. It has the power to lift your spirits, soothe your frayed nerves, and move you to dance. Sharing these tunes together promotes bonding with your child as you both will experience joy simultaneously. Additionally, learn as much as you can about music because as your baby gets older research shows that studying music at a young age can dramatically influence your child’s brain development and creativity.

Babies can hear music in the womb and can even distinguish between and remember different sounds! Newborns have the ability to recognize and remember certain aspects of pitch and rhythm. Foster these skills by making music an important fixture in your home and routines. Play music at bedtime so you can prompt your child to go to sleep by associating specific songs with the end of the day. Don’t resign your music selections to lullabies, but do think cheerful and simple. Let your personal preferences be your guide but try to stay in tune with what your child responds favorably to. The goal is to create a lasting love for music in your child while having fun and exposing your child to new sounds. Be proud – sing loud!

Do you share music with your baby? What has her reaction been?

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