Simple, Fun Ways to Incorporate Games into Your Family’s Daily Routine

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An altered quote but important nonetheless reads ‘a family that plays together stays together.’ Oftentimes we think of family fun as a grand event scheduled within our busy lives, such as a trip to the beach or the zoo. Regretfully, we can get stuck in routines or spend too much time in a rush to always make the most of our required daily activities such as commuting, dinner time, or bathing kids. However, with a little creativity you can turn these daily events into cherished opportunities to talk with your children and challenge their minds.

If your children are like most, dinnertime can often be a challenge. Some children have difficulty staying seated at the table or get easily distracted by things going on around them. Depending upon how much time you spend with you family you may not have a lot of new information to share or interesting things to talk about as your family comes together at the table-especially if your children are still fairly young. In moments like these, don’t dart for the television or sit in silence. Try something new that will hopefully keep your kiddos seated, happy and ready to eat.

Incorporate a game such as “What am I?” into your dinner ritual. There are several name brand games on the market that you can keep on demand. However, you can always make your own! You or your children could draw different objects (persons, places or things) onto index cards and use soft headbands to post them to your forehead. It’s important that not everyone is familiar with the images prior to the game so no one will have hints as to what their card may be before the game begins. This game doesn’t require your hands so your children are free to eat but they must remain seated in order to play as not to risk seeing their card. It’s a win/win!

20 Questions-another version of this same type of game can be played while commuting back and forth to school or during bath time when index cards really aren’t an option. Don’t always let your kids pick and you be the one to guess (this can get old very quick!) Require up front that you alternate who picks so it seems fair and everything will run smoothly. You should challenge them but pick things they will relate to or think is funny such as a unicorn or pizza.

Can you think of times during the day you can incorporate these types of games into your routine?

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