Little Hands: Capture Them While You Can!

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little hands

Each year when our children head back to school after summer vacation we are reminded yet again how quickly they grow up. Yesterday it seemed like they were babies and today they have homework, friends and lives of their own. This is the perfect time of year, especially as the holiday’s approach, to take some extra time with your kids (big or small) to have some fun and capture a moment in time! Read on for my 3 rules for capturing those little hands, while you can!

Rule #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Get Messy
Sure we all lead busy lives and the last thing you may want to do is clean up another mess but trust me when I say it will be worth it. Babies and toddlers love bright colors and to experiment so finger painting is right up their alley. Of course in an effort to minimize stress and cleanup do yourself a favor and dress your kiddo in old clothes and set up a relatively contained area to work in. If you are working inside make sure you have access to a sink and try using newspaper as drop cloths. These small steps will make clean up a breeze! Also, be sure the paint you choose is washable and safe for kids.

Rule #2: Be Creative
Your options are limitless with this project. Sure you can use regular white paper and standard colors but you could also branch out! Use construction paper with different designs or color patterns. Transfer your hand-print onto a t-shirt or decorative plate. Use glitter paints or neon colors that glow in the dark, these are perfect as upcoming Halloween decorations. Use the hand-prints to create designs or allow your child to add drawings to the print once it has dried for an extra personal touch.

Rule #3: Frame It
Once you’ve completed your masterpiece take time to frame your work of art. Use a frame you already have around the house, pick up a cheap one from the store or go all out and have it professionally matted but it will make your little one feel special to see their hard work showcased. It will also make keeping up with it for the long run much easier. If your little one is not so little anymore an alternative to framing your hand-print is to have it scanned to create a digital image. This image can be used as your screensaver, wallpaper or used to be digitally added to a number of fun items!

When is the last time you took your child’s hand-print? What ideas do you have for this project? How can you make this a special project to remember for your family?

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