Keeping Toddlers Busy with a Busy Box

Posted by on May 27, 2013 | Comments Off on Keeping Toddlers Busy with a Busy Box

While most road trips and extended amount of times spend inside of a vehicle with a child are planned – you are not perfect and unexpected things do happen from time to time. In the event that something unexpected happens which causes you to need to drive a long distance, you may not always have to plan for how you are going to entertain your toddler in the vehicle during the drive. This is where busy boxes for toddlers come in handy.

What is a busy box?

A busy box is nothing more than a container that is filled with things that serve the purpose of keeping a toddler busy in the car. For example, children’s’ crafts, crayons, coloring books, and sticker books are just a few things you might find within a busy box. If your child enjoys playing with stuffed animals or action figures – you may include those in the box as well. A busy box is going to differ from one child to the next because the goal is to fill the box with things that your child would enjoy. You know your child better than anyone and you know what is going to keep them entertained during your long car ride.

Some parents will suggest including snacks or drinks in the busy box as well. This can be something as simple as candy, cookies, crackers, chips and juice boxes. You will avoid hearing “mommy, I’m hungry!” if you include a few snacks and drinks in the busy box as well. In general, a busy box is also going to help you avoid hearing “mommy, I’m bored” and “mommy, are we there yet?” every few minutes. Research has also shown that older children will take less bathroom breaks if they have things to keep them busy in the car. Overall, the road trip is going to be a lot more enjoyable for you, your child, and any passengers if you take the time to pack a busy box so take it from Baby’s Own Room and be sure to never leave home without your Toddlers Busy Box.

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