Inspire Love of Reading – Create a Children’s Reading Nook

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Here at Baby’s Own Room, we believe that books can take your child’s imagination to a lot of different places. Reading can help them think, problem solve and learn! With all the choices out there for kids, it’s no wonder why parents want their little ones to enjoy reading– now more than ever. While most kids like to read, it’s generally something they won’t do in their bedroom if it’s filled with toys and other distractions. Fortunately you can change this and inspire reading as you create an awesome reading nook right in their room.


Spark an Interest in reading by creating a children's reading nook.


Creating the Nook

► Pick the Spot

Go into your child’s room and look around for the best spot for a reading nook. Generally this will be a comfortable corner that isn’t already packed with things, which will make it easier to put into place. When looking for a spot, make sure it is an area that gets good lighting. Natural light is best, but if not, make sure there is an outlet around where you can plug in a reading lamp.

Tip: If it’s a possibility, find a corner spot that doesn’t have anything on the ceiling or walls. You can then hang sheets from the ceiling to make a little tent that looks inviting and warm.

► Assess the Decor

Is the decor in the room distracting or overwhelming? If so, you might want to pick up some plastic totes that will hold toys and other things that can easily distract kids. You should also make sure there’s not a television facing the reading nook, or else your little one might be thinking about movies rather than reading!

Tip: Print out characters from your child’s favorite books and tape them onto the walls in the nook. You can also print out quotes from their favorite books to encourage your child to read.

► Create a Relaxing Environment


Clear the area of any toys or clutter that are going to get in the way of reading. Then put something on the floor, like cushions or pillows, to add some comfort to the area. You can even use bean bags that make the reading nook a lot more appealing to your little one. There are a lot of different seating options to choose from, just make sure to pick one that is comfortable for you and your child.

Tip: Purchase some cheap throw blankets and throw those on top of the cushions. They will make the nook feel like a really comfortable place that your child can stay in for hours!


Reading lamps and windows are essential for the reading nook, so make sure they will provide your little one with light during the day or at night. There are tons of cute lamps, so have your child help you choose one that they particularly like.


Even if it’s small, a bookcase is important to have in the nook. When kids are able to see each of their different books displayed they will have an easier time choosing one and be more likely to read during the day as well. Choose one that isn’t too tall so that they can easily grab from a shelf without having to ask for help.

Creating a reading nook for your child is something that you both can do together! It will make the room personalized for them and ensure that they want to return back to it in the future. There are a lot of different ways you can decorate it and location possibilities are endless, so have fun and you’re sure to see your little one reading more often. We’d love to see some of your reading nook ideas. Join us in our Facebook Community and share a pic or two. 🙂

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  1. My daughter is an avid reader, and I think part of her interest in reading is because she has a reading nook. A few actually. I love how she chooses reading over watching TV or playing on electronics.

    I also have a bookcase with her name on it for when she gets older. I’m going to refinish it for a winter project to keep myself occupied.

    You offered great tips for creating a reading nook.I personally feel that every child should have one!
    Ashley B. recently posted…Pumpkin Carving!My Profile

    • Hi Ashley! I really love that you provided your daughter with a bookcase personalized with her name. It’s such a neat way to celebrate her and instill the love of reading. Thanks for dropping by and happy blogging. 🙂