Healthy Eating while Traveling With Kids

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 | Comments Off on Healthy Eating while Traveling With Kids

eating health on vacation with kidsSchool is out for the summer for most families across the USA, so it’s summer vacation time!  Many families find themselves planning some sort of trip in the next couple of months.  Whether it’s transatlantic travels or a couple hours drive to a camping ground, traveling with kids can be a daunting experience!

You may feel overwhelmed as you sit there surrounded by half filled suitcases and backpacks filled with socks, underwear, and swim gear.  You may wonder if it’s all even worth it or if you should just let them loose with a sprinkler and some water guns in your back yard.  Don’t loose heart! You can do this!

One thing that often gets overlooked in vacation packing is healthy snacks.  This is something important to consider adding to your already long list for several reasons.

  • Healthy snacks will save you money.  Although fast food places provide quick and convenient snack and meal options, they are certainly not free.  Growing kids’ stomachs can seem to be bottomless pits, especially when they are bored!
  • It will save you time.  Having some healthy snacks packed will eliminate some, but certainly not all, of the pit stops along the way.
  • Finally, having some healthy snacks packed for your kids may just save you from some ugly unwanted behavior.  Kids like a routine, and part of that routine is food.  If kids are used to applesauce and yogurt as their snacks at home, and are suddenly plunged into a world of licorice and potato chips, you will see a change in their demeanor.  They will already be off schedule and excited from the travels, so to add one more variable could be catastrophic to their delicate moods, not to mention your well laid plans.

Vacation is meant to be special and fun.  Your kids will likely be less than impressed if all you pack is kale chips and plain rice cakes.  Try to find a balance.  Maybe pack a few special treats, but try to pack a majority of what they would typically eat at home.  A few ideas for healthy snacks that travel well are apples, grapes, bananas, carrot sticks, crackers, cheese sticks, granola bars, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  It’s ok to toss in a bag of jelly beans too for something special.  We can’t possibly plan everything when we pack, but sometimes the best memories are the ones we don’t even see coming!  Happy travels!

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