Health and Wellness Benefits of Dancing During Pregnancy

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No matter what your current dance expertise is, you can get some health and wellness benefits from hitting classes while your little one starts to grow inside you. Just Dance!


Most doctors agree that exercise is important during pregnancy. The more active you can remain while pregnant, the fewer complications that you will have during and after your pregnancy. This week, Baby’s Own Room is sharing some of the many health and wellness benefits of dancing during pregnancy. For most of us, weight loss can be a concern that is high on the list. By incorporating dance in your routine, you will have less weight to lose after the baby comes, and your overall sense of wellness will be much higher. Let’s look at some other benefits, for the well-being of both mom-to-be and baby.

  • Taking a dance class is likely to help you stay fit and have some fun while you’re waiting for your little one to arrive.
  • If you have been dancing for exercise before your pregnancy, some experts believe that you can keep up the same level throughout your first trimester without running any risks. This is true for leaping, jumping and hopping.
  • The impact that comes from movements like tap dancing is something to avoid.
  • One reason why dance is so helpful for fitness during pregnancy is that it comes from the very center of your body. As a result, it boosts your balance, proper body alignment and overall muscle tone.
  • The more balance you develop, the more your body will begin to change. This is important because locating your body’s center becomes even tougher when your baby is growing inside you.

So why not turn up the music and get dancing! Best of all, make sure to have some fun. While we are not experts at Baby’s Own Room, here are a few more tips and some information that we’ve learned along the way. It’s important to remember that as your body grows with the pregnancy, finding proper body alignment becomes even more of a problem. When you hit your second and third trimesters, your lower back may sway outward with your stomach, making an arch through your lumbar region to balance the baby’s weight. This alters your center of gravity and changes your body’s balance and alignment. By tucking your bottom in, holding your rib cage inward, and holding things in place with your abs, you can maintain balance while dancing. If you have movements with which you feel confident, stick with them as long as you can, particularly if dance has been a hobby of yours.

Quick Tip! Getting the OK. Always make sure to check with your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program during your pregnancy. This also goes for the 6 weeks after giving birth. 🙂

No matter what your current dance expertise is, you can get some health and wellness benefits from hitting classes while your little one starts to grow inside you. Try some classes aimed at new mothers to help you find your inner balance. We blog about fit pregnancy and invite you to join us. Happy Blogging and happy baby!

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  1. My little sister is having a baby and she is, in fact, a ballerina! She’s keeping up with her dancing because she knows how beneficial it is- it’s great exercise and really helps stretch those muscles. Great post!
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    • Hi Ashley, thanks for your kind words. Hope you’re having a great day and Happy Blogging to ya! 🙂