Halloween Fundraising Can Be Fun – Trick or Treat For UNICEF

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Halloween is always a favorite for children. Who doesn’t like getting to spend the night in a fun costume and getting free candy, just for being cute? It might seem like a night of pure frivolous fun, but you can help a good cause while patrolling the neighborhood for the houses with the best candy. This week, Baby’s Own Room wants to share a little about Trick or Treat for UNICEF. 

Trick or Treat for UNICEF started in 1950 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has raised over $188 million in profit for their cause worldwide. That’s a nice chunk of change, especially considering they started out that first year with a donation total of  just $17.

The money that’s raised is used to help children in need. UNICEF uses it’s donations to give children in need the things they require to start off their life in the best way possible. The main things they focus on providing are basic education, child protection, HIV/AIDS testing and treatment, gender equality, and the basic needs for childhood survival and normal development. UNICEF provides its services in over one hundred and ninety countries and territories, bringing medicine, safe drinking water, emergency relief, medicine, and education to children who would otherwise go without. They keep statistics of the help they provide to make sure that these children aren’t forgotten, or shoved aside. As a part of the Global Movement for Children, they’re committed to improving the life of every child.

There are other ways that UNICEF raises donations, though the orange boxes on Halloween are the most well known. UNICEF hosts a variety of fundraising events that give children fun and educational things to do while parents learn about the disease, discrimination, hostile conflict, poverty, and other conditions facing children around the world that UNICEF is trying to change.

They have an online site as well, and it is always open to accepting applications for volunteers and donations. They even post their latest plans for the years to come so that you’re sure to know exactly what your money is funding. Find out what UNICEF is doing in your country.

Do you remember Trick or Treating for UNICEF as a child? Is it something you see yourself passing down to your own children? We’d love to hear your story and or see your photo. Send it to us and we’ll share it with our Facebook Community. Happy Halloween! ~ Baby’s Own Room

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  1. Great idea! We actually have children in our neighborhood who do this every Halloween. They forfeit collecting candy and instead ask for donations for Unicef- they even have a cute little box they carry around with them to collect the money.
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    • I really haven’t seen them in our neighborhood for a few years now. That is why I wanted to share the awareness post this Halloween. Glad that some of the kids in your neighborhood are still trick or treating for UNICEF. 🙂 Happy Halloween Ashley!