Go Fly a Kite! No Literally…Go Outside and Fly a Kite!

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It may seem like an offbeat idea at first but there are actually many proven benefits to taking time out to fly a kite. The good news is that kites can be obtained easily and at little cost. Of course you could spend a fortune on the perfect kite but you could also make your own and design it to your personal style. This activity is something you can do solo or you can always involve your kids and family in on the fun! It’s also important to note that kite flying is an outdoor activity inclusive of individuals of all size, age and physical ability.

Socializing is one of the great benefits of kite flying as it is often done in groups – most often as a fun activity but it can also be done competitively. The kites we pick are often a reflection of ourselves and our personalities. A beautiful kite flying in the sky is a natural conversation starter for those who struggle with social interactions but want to reach out to a fellow kite flyer at the park. We can also use kites to create happy memories with our families that we talk about for years to come. There is much evidence which shows that we need social connections for our lasting health and well-being so why not use kite flying as an opportunity to do just that.

Another added benefit of kite flying is the fact that it gives you another reason to get up and go outside and explore the world around you. This activity is hopefully framed by wide open spaces, blue skies and gentle winds. There is much research that proves that being in nature is good for you. Take this time outside to appreciate all that is around you. Make shapes out of clouds, watch the waves roll in, gaze as the wind dances your colorful kite all over the sky but take a moment to reflect. You really will appreciate and feel the difference later.

There isn’t really much physical effort involved in kite flying but it does foster the environment for bigger forms of outdoor play and exercise. After a nice flight you may be tempted to continue your walk, step it up to a run or move on to another outdoor sport that is offered nearby. Your heart rate will already be elevated and your mood will be conducive to exercising. Kite flying does have some value as a cardio workout but it also helps with mindfulness. It helps one pay attention and fosters more acute awareness of the here and now. This type of awareness has huge health benefits including decreased anxiety and depression. Who knew when people told you to “Go fly a kite!” they were actually trying to do you a favor?!

Can you think of the last time you went outside and flew a kite? What is your favorite childhood memory of kites? Can you see yourself temporarily letting go of tomorrow’s deadlines by holding a kite string?

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