Dressing Bureau or Dressing Table?

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Brook Bridge Dressing Bureau

For many young parents, planning for a nursery, of course, centers around their crib purchase. Second to that is a place to change the baby and storage. That leads to the decision, changing table or dressing bureau.

There are advantages to both and the decision, unless you decide you actually want both, depends on the size of room you are using for your nursery. If you room is smaller, you may want to purchase the Watterson Changer to use for keeping diapers,wipes and small layette items at hand, and a small chest of drawers to provide storage for clothing. Some changing tables have a drawer for additional items.

A larger room gives you the luxury of purchasing more storage for baby. You may consider the dressing bureau Brook Bridge Dressing Bureau and a chest of drawers to match your crib. A dressing bureau is actually a six drawer dresser. Purchasing the changing kit or double sided contoured changing pad turns your dresser top into a changing area for baby. As your child grows and the changing area is no longer needed, the dressing kit or changing pad is removed.

Watterson Changer

Whichever option you choose, the wisest choice is to purchase as much storage as you can afford and your room can comfortably accommodate. If you do this, as you child grows and the “stuff” collects, you will be glad you opted for good storage.

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