Designer: One Grace Place

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One Grace Place is a designer bedding company for infants, toddlers, tweens, and teens, also specializing in bathroom and home décor. The company takes pride in the luxury and affordability of their exciting designer nursery bedding and other product lines. They strive to provide comfort and style in contemporary bedding, accessories, and décor that can really portray the personalities of the kids who choose them.

One Grace Place’s Director of Design is Crystal Campbell, working mother of a handful of energetic kids with very individual personalities. Crystal takes her inspiration for the company’s colorful, unique designs from the personalities and interests of real children – her own, and those she has met through friends and family. The bold and artistic pink, turquoise, and black design of their “Magical Michayla” youth bedding collection, for example, was inspired by Crystal’s own daughter’s love of color and creativity; and the “Teyo’s Tires” designer nursery bedding set was inspired by her son’s non-stop energy and ready-to-go attitude.

Creativity and an eye for interior design has been passed on to Crystal’s daughter, as well. The newest addition to One Grace Place’s bedding and décor collection, “Terrific Tie-Dye,” was designed by the Campbell’s daughter Michayla. The “Terrific Tie-Dye” collection has obviously been designed by a free-spirited, fun-loving young person with a passion for color and style!

One Grace Place’s designer nursery bedding – and other bedding collections and accessories – are unique, luxurious, and high-quality home products. Check out all of the chic, appealing bedding sets, accessories and home décor that they have to offer.

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