Creating Your First Nursery

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Creating a nursery for your new baby is a big job however there is no reason it shouldn’t be enjoyable.  Many new parents start by choosing nursery furniture and to keep things in perspective note the dimensions the room you have to work with so you don’t end up with a surprise of too much furniture or worst not enough!  Here are some things to keep on the top of your mind while choosing your nursery furniture:  storage, size and style. New babies are small and their clothes tiny but they do grow and you want to look for something that is going to be able to grow with your child so you don’t continually purchase furniture. If your budget is tight considering utilizing the closet to its fullest!

Camden Crib 650

Once you have your furniture picked out and possible ordered now the real fun part comes, color style, bedding and décor!  The color choice is completely personal and depends on if you have or plan on finding out the gender of your baby, but once you have this decision the rest is easy.  Shopping for Baby Bedding Collections has got to be the most fun and there are a lot of choices out there from modern to sweet & cute you are sure to find something that you love.  If you’re having a girl you might consider this hot baby bedding set Cheetah Themed Nursery or if you’re looking for tranquil colors and bright whites check out this hip colorful Turquoise Owl Baby Bedding set.  Its baby bedding in motion!

Before your furniture arrives paint the walls and add the wallpaper borders before the furniture goes in – it will be a lot easier to work in an empty room than working around a bunch of furniture.  And this will ensure that you won’t be getting any paint droplets on your new purchases.


Cheetah Themed Nursery

Lastly it comes down to the finishing touches of nursery décor.  With Baby Bedding Collections these days you can choose to fill your nursery with matchy – matchy pieces all items coordinating perfectly OR you can go simple and choose select items OR mix and match the entire nursery, it’s really up to you.

Rest assured that whatever you decide your baby is sure to love!  And as with any thing in life this chapter in yours will sure have its ups and downs.  Be sure relax and enjoy the ups and try not to stress too much on the downs and if you need help enlist your mom, an aunt or a friend.



Turquoise Owl Baby Bedding

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