Coffee & Pregnancy

Posted by on Oct 3, 2015 | Comments Off on Coffee & Pregnancy

While working as a barista at a coffee shop, I heard pregnant women were not supposed to drink coffee. Turns out, that’s just a myth. However, caffeine consumption should not exceed 200 mg per day. To put that in perspective, an 8 oz cup of coffee has approximately 95 mg of caffeine. Caffeine can affect your baby’s heart rate but the main reason for watching caffeine consumption is due to the risk of miscarriage. If you are a coffee drinker, confirm with your doctor that you are not a high-risk pregnancy before continuing to get your coffee fix. For the majority of coffee lovers, caffeine is a luxury (let’s be real, it’s a necessity) that you don’t have to give up! And as a barista, after learning this fun fact, could serve a caffeinated beverage and not be too quick to judge a (what I thought to be) poor decision. Be pregnant. Drink coffee. Be happy.


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