Children’s Room Decor: Changing Pad Covers

Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 | Comments Off on Children’s Room Decor: Changing Pad Covers

When you start thinking about nursery décor, the major purchases come to mind: Furniture such as crib, rocker, and changing table; coordinated bedding and curtains. But there are so many other décor details you can add to make your baby’s first environment unique and attractive. From stuffed animals to wall hangings, toy boxes to ceiling borders, putting the final touches on your child’s nursery can be a fun personalizing experience. One of the final touches you may not have considered is a soft, colorful fabric changing pad cover for the vinyl pad you will lay your baby down on many times a day.

A changing pad cover may not seem like a necessity to you, but remember: Your baby will spend lots of time on that little vinyl pad! In the wintertime, a changing pad cover adds softness and warmth, and during hot, humid summer days it saves your little one from the discomfort of lying on that sticky vinyl surface.

Not only does a changing pad cover add to the comfort of your baby at diapering time, it can also add an extra touch of color and softness to the nursery. Some nursery décor collections have optional changing pad covers in fabrics that coordinate with sheets and comforters. You can choose solids that complement the color scheme, or patterns that harmonize with the theme of your nursery décor. Changing pad covers come in a variety of colors, patterns, fabrics, and textures. They are normally purchased singly but stocking up on means having a couple extra on hand in case one needs to go into the wash – you are, after all, going to be dealing with some messy bottoms on them!

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