Celebrating New Year’s Eve Family Style

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Ringing in the New Year Family Style! Fun ideas for the entire family.

New Year’s Eve is a great night to have fun, celebrate, and renew as a family. There are lots of things your family can do on this night in order to have a good time together. This week Baby’s Own Room will take a look at 3 fun holiday activity ideas. While waiting for the New Year to come in at midnight, why not share some laughs and good times. So read on and find out how you can celebrate the coming of the New Year–family style.

1. Have a Word Find Challenge

Using the letters of the words HAPPY NEW YEAR, you can see how many words can be made. Your entire family can do this by using a single sheet of paper and building the list together. This way, everyone gets to contribute and get involved in the list building. There are also some really great free printables out there on Pinterest and online.Follow Baby's Own Room's board Free Printables and Books on Pinterest.

2. Create a Family Time Capsule

A time capsule can be used to hold memories for a long-span of time. You can use the idea for a fun family activity on New Year’s Eve. Simply take a box and decorate it with stickers and paint. Each member of the family gets to write down something that is memorable about the past year and put it into the time capsule. Photos can be included as well. This capsule should then be closed and kept till the next year–when you can open it and reminisce about the memories you placed in there.

3. Draw Your Wishes on a Calendar 

Usually everyone has a list of wishes for the New Year. It can be great fun to keep all wishes together on a calendar. This way, you will be able to see your wishes come true throughout the next year.

All in all, celebrating New Year’s Eve family style can be loads of fun and there are a lot of things you can do to enjoy the moment. What does your family do to ring in the new year? Any traditions you want to add to the Baby’s Own Room list?

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