Healthy Eating while Traveling With Kids

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eating health on vacation with kidsSchool is out for the summer for most families across the USA, so it’s summer vacation time!  Many families find themselves planning some sort of trip in the next couple of months.  Whether it’s transatlantic travels or a couple hours drive to a camping ground, traveling with kids can be a daunting experience!

You may feel overwhelmed as you sit there surrounded by half filled suitcases and backpacks filled with socks, underwear, and swim gear.  You may wonder if it’s all even worth it or if you should just let them loose with a sprinkler and some water guns in your back yard.  Don’t loose heart! You can do this!

One thing that often gets overlooked in vacation packing is healthy snacks.  This is something important to consider adding to your already long list for several reasons.

  • Healthy snacks will save you money.  Although fast food places provide quick and convenient snack and meal options, they are certainly not free.  Growing kids’ stomachs can seem to be bottomless pits, especially when they are bored!
  • It will save you time.  Having some healthy snacks packed will eliminate some, but certainly not all, of the pit stops along the way.
  • Finally, having some healthy snacks packed for your kids may just save you from some ugly unwanted behavior.  Kids like a routine, and part of that routine is food.  If kids are used to applesauce and yogurt as their snacks at home, and are suddenly plunged into a world of licorice and potato chips, you will see a change in their demeanor.  They will already be off schedule and excited from the travels, so to add one more variable could be catastrophic to their delicate moods, not to mention your well laid plans.

Vacation is meant to be special and fun.  Your kids will likely be less than impressed if all you pack is kale chips and plain rice cakes.  Try to find a balance.  Maybe pack a few special treats, but try to pack a majority of what they would typically eat at home.  A few ideas for healthy snacks that travel well are apples, grapes, bananas, carrot sticks, crackers, cheese sticks, granola bars, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  It’s ok to toss in a bag of jelly beans too for something special.  We can’t possibly plan everything when we pack, but sometimes the best memories are the ones we don’t even see coming!  Happy travels!

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Top Five Most Unforgettable Vacation Escapes For Families

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Peek at Baby’s Own Room’s suggested top 5 most unforgettable vacation escapes for families.

Both Spring and Summer vacation breaks are fantastic for bonding with your family. Whether you are out to get sunlight, recharge your body, or just want to enjoy the fun outdoors; you can never be short of places to visit. The following destinations give you a peek at Baby’s Own Room’s suggested top 5 most unforgettable vacation escapes for families.

1. Pacific Grove, California

A peaceful Victorian seaside city, Pacific Grove makes for a perfect family retreat. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is among the best places in the USA where you can see the most amazing marine life. Rent a kayak with your kids to get close to Asilomar State Beach, where you can view sea otters, surf or explore tide pools.

2. Fort Myers Beach, Florida

If you and your family are looking to enjoy spring break in a fun ocean setting, then this Gulf Coast town is the perfect place to be. It is possible for you and your family to spend the whole of your vacation outdoors- on a bicycle, on the beach or even inside a boat. While in a kayak, tour the mangrove forest surrounding the shore. If you are lucky, you might even see a manatee!

3. Smugglers Notch, Vermont

At Smugglers Notch, you can get your kids enrolled in Ski programs. For kids who want to snowboard in future, there is Burton snowboards fully equipped with beveled bottom as well as a softer flex. These help with the kid’s learning curve. For cross-country skiers, the perfect place to hone their skills is on the bumps.

4. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

This great family vacation destination is a perfect dreamboat. Kid’s Vacation Center is a spacious facility and parents can use it to prepare their babies for the cold. There are lessons for kids as young as 2.5 years.

5. Paradise Island, Bahamas

At the Atlantis Kids Adventure (AKA), kids will be able to select adventure programs. There are culinary classes for aspiring chefs, and they can make pizza or twist pretzels. On the other hand, kids who hope to become architects can practice building in the amazing Lego Construction room. There is also a comfortable tree with quintessential nooks that allow aspiring wizards to read the latest magical tales.

So…Are you ready to get packed for a fun family trip? We bid you safe and fun travels from your friends at Baby’s Own Room!


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Booking Your Holiday Travel Family Style

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The winter holidays can be the most wonderful times of the year. But family travel during the holidays has the potential to be a nightmare. From Thanksgiving to New Years has been deemed as the busiest travel time of the year–regardless of whether you’re going by boat, plane, or car. Traveling solo can be stressful and expensive as it is, but then add in the dynamic of the whole family, and it takes holiday stress to a whole different level. To ease some of the stress, Baby’s Own Room wants to share some tips on booking your holiday, family style.

Booking Holiday Travel Family Style - By planning ahead and booking smart, there's no doubt that booking your family's holiday vacation will not only be a smooth process, but also help to create great holiday memories that will last a lifetime. #traveltips

The most important thing you can do is plan early before booking. Planning early will ensure that any kinks or confusions are sorted out well before your departure. Will you be traveling with babies and or young children? Pets? Are you going to be flying or driving? And how long will you and the family be away from home? These will be questions that you and the family will need to answer in plenty of time before you start packing.

With planning in mind, regardless of what method of travel you use, plan on what items you’re going to keep with you. For babies, this means diapers, formula, pacifiers, and small soft toys. For kids, this means things that will entertain them for long travel hours such as their favorite books, DVDs, coloring books, and music.

Now that you’re prepped and ready to get your family travel booked, here are some things to consider.

➜ If you’re going to fly, keep in mind of the busiest travel days of the year. Not only are these days more expensive, but the airport will be packed with people–all with the goal of spending the holidays with loved ones. These days usually fall in the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and the period surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Day celebrations.

Bonus Travel Booking Tip: With Christmas on a Wednesday this year, you can get great deals booking your plane tickets the week before Christmas and leaving after the 26th.

➜ Keep an eye out for family packages and travel deals on the numerous travel websites where you can save money when you book your plane, hotel, and rental car together. If you travel often, look into using your loyalty or rewards points to book your tickets.

➜ By planning ahead and booking smart, there is no doubt that booking your family’s holiday vacation will not only be a smooth process, but also certain to create great holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

Will your family be vacationing over the winter holiday’s this year? Have any tips for stress-free travel? We’d love to hear from you. Safe travels and Happy Holidays! Love, Your friends at Baby’s Own Room

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Travel and Kids: First School Field Trip Survival Guide

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5 Steps To Surviving The First School Field Trip

Learning about the first school trip of the year can be very exciting, yet sometimes scary, for your little one. He or she will most likely rush home waving the permission slip before your very eyes, squealing with delight. As a matter of fact, it’s all they’ll talk about for days.  With the first school field trip Survival Guide created by those of us at Baby’s Own Room, both mom and child can enjoy the experience.

If you are the adventurous type, you might think, “What’s there to survive?” As for you, go ahead and skip right down to the end of the post and just tweet, G+, or share this with your more tentative friends. You know the ones, those who might worry that the first trip will be a frightening experience.  Here are some of the top questions and concerns of most parents.

  • Will there be enough chaperones to look after the children?
  • What about seatbelts on the school bus for the long ride?
  • What safety precautions are in place for lost children?
  • Will my child be afraid?
  • Will sack lunches be stored properly?
  • How will the group handle wash room breaks?

It’s only natural to have these concerns. Talking to your child’s teacher or principal can help ease your mind about school policies and procedures designed to keep children safe on field trip day. This little chat can also give you the tools needed to teach your little one how to behave and follow rules during the trip.  Once you’ve got that covered, there’s just the matter of planning for the big day!

School Field Trip Survival Guide

  • If your school wears uniforms on trips, you are ahead of the game. It’s easy to notice someone out of place when the group is dressed alike.
  • No sandals or uncomfortable shoes. There will be lots of walking involved so make sure your son or daughter is wearing comfortable shoes.
  • Make sure that your little one knows his/her full name and home telephone number, just in case. Knowing the school and teacher’s name is important too.
  • Pack a sack lunch that does not need refrigeration if at all possible. Stay away from mayo and other foods that spoil easily.
  • Go over bus safety tips, staying with the group, and restroom safety.
  • Let the teacher or room mother know if you have a problem with your child wandering away in public.

If you are still a little concerned, you can always volunteer as room mother and attend the first school field trip with your little one. That’s a whole experience in itself. Look for my guest post at Everything Mommyhood, sharing how to be the best room mother ever!

Please share your great field trip tips with us, we love comments and you just may help another mom.

Safe travels!

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Travel and Kids: Adventure Travel with the Kiddos

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Some couples believe the opportunity for adventure is over once they have children. “Young children” and “adventure travel” just don’t seem to go together but we at Baby’s Own Room disagree. You can still plan an exciting adventure vacation that the whole family can enjoy.

Children are innately curious about the world around them, and can make the most of any activity. With a little preparation and forethought, you can take just about any adventure activity that interests you, and adjust it to be kid-friendly. If you’re worried about the details involved in creating your own trip, there are fantastic family adventure travel trips available through travel agents and travel/adventure companies.

Here are a few tips for successful adventure travel with young kids:

  • Do what you love! If you liked hiking, kayaking, or cross-country skiing before kids, get the kids some gear and plan adventures that involve the same activities with easier courses and shorter distances. Your kids will pick up on your genuine excitement, and will love their “grownup” gear.
  • Travel independently. Group tours can become hellish if your toddler decides to start whining or has to use the toilet every twenty minutes. Rent a camper for road trips and create your own pared-down itinerary for exploring destinations.
  • Camping can be fun, but if you want more permanent lodgings, find free-standing places like cottages or cabanas. Then you have no worries about your noisy kids bothering neighbors.
  • If you want to take longer hikes with kids under four, invest in a child carrier or jogging stroller (or both!). Your kids can wind down and catch a nap when their attention wanders or their energy lags, and you will also have storage compartments for snacks and necessities.

For your next vacation, Baby’s Own Room suggests getting the outdoors for a wild family adventure. Your children will thrive on the fresh air and exercise, and you will be sharing something you love with your family. Get out there and have some fun and enjoy a great family adventure!

What’s the dream adventure travel destination that you would like to share with the kids?

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Travel & Kids: The Nomadic Lifestyle

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Many people believe that once you have a family, your ability to travel and enjoy the world is over. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, traveling with your children allows you the ability to form bonds that you will not get anywhere else. You also will be able to teach your children everywhere you go. There are some ways to make traveling easier.

  • Take an extra suitcase for keepsakes and souvenirs. You will also find that not all of your belongings will fit in the bags you take.
  • Check in early to get seats.
  • Bring electronics that will occupy your child’s time. If you prefer not to have electronics, use books and puzzles to keep their mind moving.
  • Create quiz sheets so your kids can enjoy the pit stops as much as you do.
  • Bring medication to cure headaches, stomachaches, and cuts. Anything that can create your child to feel left out will create meltdowns.
  • Plan ahead and stay in places where children are included. Look for hotels with kid activities, pools, arcades, and so forth.
  • Plan breaks in your day. You may be okay with going from one stop to another, but your children will not. By allowing them a break, you are acknowledging their needs and desires as well.

Traveling with kids can be quite easy as long as you plan ahead. There are many child-friendly activities in most cities around the world and many hotels are both child and pet friendly. Many vacation packages in the Caribbean have nannies to watch your children included in the price. There is no reason just to stop traveling when you have children. There is so much to learn and experience. While it may be a little pricier, the memories you will make will be priceless and encourages our mom & dad’s to keep your feet moving around the world if that is your passion.

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