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How To Choose the Best Toddler Bed

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Quick Tip: If your baby has suddenly realized his or her Houdini skills and is able to escape the confines of the crib, then it is probably best to move to a toddler bed.


Congratulations, your previously tiny baby is finally graduating from the crib to a toddler bed! Toddlers are, for the most part, ready for the toddler bed at about the age of 1 to 3 years. It’s best that you not make the switch too soon. Remember that your baby is most likely to sleep on the toddler bed until the age of five, and will spend about 12 hours daily sleeping. It’s key that you take your time to ensure that the toddler bed you choose is comfortable–as well as safe. This week, Baby’ Own Room will concentrate on how to choose the best toddler bed.


Quick Tip: If your baby has suddenly realized his or her Houdini skills and is able to escape the confines of the crib, then it is probably best to move to a toddler bed.


The first thing you should consider are the side rails. Since kids normally toss and turn a lot at night, it’s best that the toddler bed you acquire for your kid has side rails to prevent tumbles. Some will have high rails attached, while others may just have slots in which you attach them. We suggest that you help your little tot feel safe and secure while transitioning to their new big girl big boy bed with the use of Child Craft’s bed rails for toddlers.


Keep Your Toddler Safe and Secure With Toddler Bed Guard Rails


Kids are playful and it is expected that they will bounce on the bed for several years. Remember that fun nursery rhyme, 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on The Bed? I still remember how much fun it was as a kid! It’s advisable that you ensure that the bed is sturdy and can withstand the bouncing for several years. To get this property out of a toddler bed, the frame should be made of solid wood, which will be costly. However, the investment will get you through the toddler years smoothly.


More Toddler Bed Tips:


  • Considering safety standards of the material the bed is made of is paramount.


  • Some paintings and finishing used on the beds may be harmful to the toddler.


  • You ought to check for seals of approval of the bed before making the purchase.


  • Lastly and definitely not least, choose a bed that has smooth edges as opposed to sharp edges. This is to avoid injuries when your toddler is playing on the bed.


“In addition to all these things, choose a bed that is colorful. This is mostly for fun and to compliment the kid’s room.” ~ Baby’s Own Room


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Introducing Elizabeth Collection: Pink & Gray Damask Print Bedding

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It is time to personalize your baby girls nursery with a beautiful bedding collection. Create a charming boutique style for your little princess with the Elizabeth Pink & Gray Damask Baby Bedding Collection by Sweet Jojo Designs.

The delicate pink, gray and white damask print on the 9 pieces of this soft 100 percent cotton bedding set will bring a classic elegance to your child’s nursery. The soft solid pink reverse side of the crib blanket, and pink piping details on the blanket, bumper, crib skirt, and decorative heart pillow will add just the right feminine touch to your baby girl’s décor. The 100 percent cotton fitted crib sheet is pristine white for versatility, and coordinating gray damask or solid pink sheets are available for added options.

Sweet Jojo bedding products have details that define superior quality and functionality. Included in this lovely designer damask crib bedding set are a reversible crib blanket, damask print padded bumper, accent pillow, pair of rod-pocket window valances, crib skirt, fitted sheet, and coordinated toy bag and diaper stacker. All 9 pieces are made of pure, soft cotton, sized to fit all standard cribs and toddler mattresses, and are machine washable for easy care.


Surround your little one with softness and style that can move with her from infancy to toddlerhood to teen with ageless details. And remember, for additional décor options or little changes as she grows, Sweet Jojo Designs also creates a variety of other coordinating room accessories for their bedding sets, including wall décor, lampshades, hampers, and curtains. Baby’s Own Room offers great bedding collections & room decor at  great prices with fabulous service!

pink gray damask bedding


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Toddler Bedding for Girls

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Isabella Toddler Bedding

Isabella Toddler Bedding for Girls is a beautiful black and white bedding set. It features a rich black and crisp white color palette. Parents really love this bedding set because it goes with just about anything. Its colors are bold and beautiful, but they are not limiting. This means this bedding is not going to restrict what other colors and objects can go into the room.

Toddler Bedding Pink Elephant

Create a fun environment for your little one with a little more pink, you may like the Toddler Bedding Pink Elephant set by Sweet Jojo Designs. This toddler bedding for girls collection features pink and taupe elephants. It is a very warm and comforting bedding set. It is a great bedding choice for anyone who really wants to define the space as one that belongs to a girl.

Black and White Polka Dot Toddler Bedding

Looking for something that is simple and bold for your toddler’s bed, you can try the Hot Dot Toddler Bedding set by Sweet Jojo Designs. This is a great way to give your little girl a dab of sassy style. This toddler bedding for girls collection really screams “diva.” Parents love buying this bedding for their little girls because it is made out of 100% cotton fabric. It is also machine washable and very easy to care for. Not to mention the fact, that it was designed to fit all cribs and toddler beds.

There is nothing wrong with spoiling your little girl with a beautiful bedding set. You can really brighten her day by purchasing a toddler bedding for girls collection that appeals to both her interests and your style.

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Modern Bedding for Toddlers

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When it comes to shopping for Modern Bedding for Toddlers, if you are like most parents, you are concerned about two things:

1. Finding the perfect set for your toddler.

2. Cost.

While not everything in life comes with a guarantee; Modern Bedding for Toddlers is something that you can rest assured that you’re getting a great product for your money and a great value that your toddler will absolutely love, no matter their interests, favorite colors and shapes.

Whether you are looking for Toddler Bedding for Boys, or Toddler Bedding for Girls, there are countless options out there to ensure that you get everything you need and exactly what you want from the experience. Let’s review just a few of the popular ones.


 Zig Zag ToddlerBedding

The Yellow Zig Zag pattern by Sweet Jojo Designs provides parents with the greatest quality bedding and the craftsmanship and manufacturing talent to prove it, coupled with the phenomenal style, color, and overall theme that your youngster is sure to love as they crawl into their modern themed bedding.  With prices starting at $89.99, it’s a bargain when searching for quality bedding for your toddler and taking care of their every need and want.  The Zig Zag pattern is also available in Black and Gray Toddler Bedding and Turquoise & Gray


 Hot Dot Toddler Bedding

If you are searching for Toddler Bedding for Girls, look no further than the impossibly popular Hot Dot by Sweet Jojo Designs.  It’s a fun pattern of colors and polka dots.  Bright pink and bold black with polka dots and ruffled edges make this set fashionable and modern.  The bold colors to set the stage of your daughter’s Big Girl room and are grown up enough to keep the theme throughout her teen years!   Hot Dot Toddler Bedding is vibrant and made with 100% top quality cotton fabrics.  Prices start at $89.99 a low price for designer quality.


 Diamond Print (assorted colors)

The subtle Diamond print is a great option for parents who are in pursuit of a sleek and modern design or for those who are on a quest for sleek toddler bedding that will look great in a girl or boy’s room. This designer set comes in 3 modern colors: black, gray or white and includes the sheet set.

In all, there is no shortage of amazing options when it comes to Modern Bedding for Toddlers, if you need help with designs ideas or are ready to purchase come see us at Baby’s Own Room, we’re here to help you create a wonderfully designed room for your tiny tot!

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Toddler Bedding for Boys

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Bedtime doesn’t have to be stressful for you or your little man! With all the exciting Toddler Bedding for Boys available these days, there is something for every boy under the sun!  Does the special little boy in your life love cowboys?  Transform his room into the Wild West with a great cowboy theme toddler bedding.  He’ll gladly hop to bed in his western themed room.


If you have a tiny adventurer that you want to please, consider Toddler Bedding for Boys that have a dinosaur or a moon and star theme, or even fun jungle bedding! Creative kids will love bedding with bright colors, musical notes, or fun patterns. If you’ve got a miniature man’s man on your hands, camouflage prints and graphics of vehicles are a great choice! Complete the experience by offering up some pajamas that match your chosen bedding.


The trick to make bedtime fun and easy for the whole family is to pick up some fun Toddler Bedding for Boys. They’ll go to bed without arguments; a peaceful evening means a peaceful slumber. Once they wake up from the best sleep ever, they’ll thank you for their awesome new bedding!

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