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How To Choose the Best Toddler Bed

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Quick Tip: If your baby has suddenly realized his or her Houdini skills and is able to escape the confines of the crib, then it is probably best to move to a toddler bed.


Congratulations, your previously tiny baby is finally graduating from the crib to a toddler bed! Toddlers are, for the most part, ready for the toddler bed at about the age of 1 to 3 years. It’s best that you not make the switch too soon. Remember that your baby is most likely to sleep on the toddler bed until the age of five, and will spend about 12 hours daily sleeping. It’s key that you take your time to ensure that the toddler bed you choose is comfortable–as well as safe. This week, Baby’ Own Room will concentrate on how to choose the best toddler bed.


Quick Tip: If your baby has suddenly realized his or her Houdini skills and is able to escape the confines of the crib, then it is probably best to move to a toddler bed.


The first thing you should consider are the side rails. Since kids normally toss and turn a lot at night, it’s best that the toddler bed you acquire for your kid has side rails to prevent tumbles. Some will have high rails attached, while others may just have slots in which you attach them. We suggest that you help your little tot feel safe and secure while transitioning to their new big girl big boy bed with the use of Child Craft’s bed rails for toddlers.


Keep Your Toddler Safe and Secure With Toddler Bed Guard Rails


Kids are playful and it is expected that they will bounce on the bed for several years. Remember that fun nursery rhyme, 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on The Bed? I still remember how much fun it was as a kid! It’s advisable that you ensure that the bed is sturdy and can withstand the bouncing for several years. To get this property out of a toddler bed, the frame should be made of solid wood, which will be costly. However, the investment will get you through the toddler years smoothly.


More Toddler Bed Tips:


  • Considering safety standards of the material the bed is made of is paramount.


  • Some paintings and finishing used on the beds may be harmful to the toddler.


  • You ought to check for seals of approval of the bed before making the purchase.


  • Lastly and definitely not least, choose a bed that has smooth edges as opposed to sharp edges. This is to avoid injuries when your toddler is playing on the bed.


“In addition to all these things, choose a bed that is colorful. This is mostly for fun and to compliment the kid’s room.” ~ Baby’s Own Room


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Five Frugal Tips for Decorating Nursery Room Walls

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Frugal Tips For Decorating Nursery Room Walls


Decorating your baby’s nursery is exciting, but if you have a limited budget it can be extremely daunting. You will need to find frugal ideas so that you can create the perfect space. You’d be surprised how many ideas there are to help get your nursery exactly how you want it to look. Often the nursery is a room in the house that has been neglected which is why it may take more time and effort.

Frugal decorating ideas are excellent, and can help you to save money for other items that the baby will need. Here are 5 decorating tips that Baby’s Own Room is only too happy to share.

1. Choose a great paint sale time, and don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Bright, primary colors are the most popular to decorate a nursery with, and what better way to finish the room than with a colorful border. You will need to find the best place to purchase paint, unless you are fortunate enough to be given some by family and friends.

2. Get creative and upcycle. If you are crafty and creative, you may be able to use magazine pictures, which have been laminated to decorate your walls. There are so many family and baby magazines to choose from. Removable wall decals are another fun idea to think about.


Pink and Grey Elephant Removable Wall Decals for Kid's Rooms


Pink and Taupe Mod Elephant removable wall decals by Sweet Jojo Designs will add a fun and colorful touch to any bedroom.

3. Use patterned paper as a border. An alternative supplier such as teacher supply stores will be far cheaper. These stores offer many different items that you may not have considered, including letters and numbers that can be perfect in the nursery.

4. Use your own personal photos. Photos that you have taken at your baby shower make great nursery wall decor. This is another great way to decorate on a budget, as these can be laminated, or framed at a low cost.

5. Stencils are another exciting way to be creative on a budget. Fortunately they are straightforward to use. You can use your imagination or get help from a really crafty friend to create your own style.

You will be amazed how creative you can be when you need to save money. Have any tips or ideas to share? Get started now by browsing our affordable wall decor ideas and happy decorating!  

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Creating a Fun and Magical Kids Bedroom

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How to Create Fun and Magical Kids Bedrooms


Creating a fun and magical kid’s bedroom can be a wonderful way to spend quality time with your kids. Besides the cherished memories you create, they’ll have a newly decorated room to re-enforce the loving experience every day. Here are a few ideas that the Baby’s Own Room guest post author, Tara, came up with that won’t break the bank or create a hazard for your kids.

Glow In the Dark Stars
This is a classic that always pleases. You can find inexpensive glow in the dark star kits in many department stores and at most craft stores. Besides standard stars, you can find shooting stars, planets, crescent moons, and other astronomical features. Create constellations, imaginary or real. Arrange the stars in a spiral pattern or place them at random. You can also find glow in the dark hearts, footprints, letters, angels, ghosts, thunderbolts, skeletons, bats, smiley faces, animals, and many other fun objects the kids will love. To complete the project, tell the kids a story under the glow of their new magical room.
Paint a Big Mural On One Wall
This is a great way to create a really unique room for your kids. To get your creative juices flowing, you can take a trip to the library to look through magazines and books. If you don’t think you can create the mural from scratch, you can look online for paint by number wall murals kits. There are lots of popular themes to chose from including rainbows, jungle scenes, underwater scenes, trains, butterflies, cats, dogs, flowers, clouds, and outer space. You could also get some stencils or stickers to incorporate into your own designs. A sky blue wall with some nice white stenciled clouds and some brightly colored flowers or birds is a relatively simple mural to start with.

Quick Tip! Don’t worry so much if you mess up on the first try. You can always paint over it and try again. 🙂 

A Variation On the Big Mural Idea (My favorite)
A popular variation on the mural idea is to install a large chalkboard along one wall and go crazy with the pastel chalk! The advantage here is you can re-do the wall theme anytime the mood strikes! You could also change it up for holidays and other special events.
Create a Fort
Kids love cool little hide-a-ways! Forts can be created with big empty boxes. You could even connect two or more larger compartments with smaller cardboard boxes or those giant cardboard rolls. Ask your friends, neighbors, and local stores to save you any large sturdy cardboard they might get. You can also make a cool fort by draping material over old lamp posts or from the ceiling. Put some pillows or a bean bag in the bottom for an extra comfortable fort your kids will love to play in.


How have you created a magical dream space for your child? We’d love to hear from you! Baby’s Own Room is also extending invitations for Guest Post Bloggers. Drop us a comment or contact us if interested.


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Tara is addicted to blogging and working from home. The fact is she wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ll find her tweeting, pinning, posting, sharing, and liking all over cyber space and loving it. Follow Tara and learn more about working from home via her blog at YVSG.






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Tips for Transitioning From Nursery to Big Kid Room

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Great tips that will help you transform the nursery into a big kid room that your child will absolutely love.


Updating your child’s bedroom from a nursery to a big kid room is a big change, but one that can be very fun and exciting. You want to make sure that the new room suits your child’s age and personality–making it their very own special space. Baby’s Own Room would like to share some great tips that will help you transform the nursery into a big kid room that your child will absolutely love.


Quick Tip! Select a theme or color scheme that can easily go from crib to big kids bed, adding age appropriate accessories along the way. The Lavender and Gray Elizabeth Damask collection by Sweet Jojo Designs is just one stunning example.


Choose a theme: A great way of making the room age-appropriate is by selecting a theme that reflects your child’s hobbies and interests. This will be a perfect starting point for redecorating the bedroom. Whether your child loves cars, princesses, animals or cars, you can find a range of themed bedroom items including bed spreads, lamps, wall art, and rugs.

Child-size furniture: As well as getting a new bed that is the perfect size for your child, you can also consider other big kid furnishings. Child-size desks, tables, chairs, and shelves will customize the bedroom and make it your child’s own special space to hang out in. When adding other furniture pieces, you should think about placing them in functional areas, such as having a craft corner or play zone.

Bright colors: If there’s one thing kids love, it’s bright colors. Introducing bright shades of blue, yellow, red and green to replace the pastel colors will do a great job of transforming the nursery. You can get bins, shelves and other pieces of furniture in a variety of colors. The rainbow is your limit.

Add storage: Make sure you pack away any baby accessories and put them out of sight. Now that your child’s growing up, they are going to have new toys and items, and a lot more of them. Storage units are an essential feature of a big kid’s room. It can be as simple as getting colorful storage bins or trunks to store toys. Also, open shelves are a great idea for displaying toys.


This popular animal nursery crib bedding collection makes the best unisex nursery room décor with matching wall art, sleep–pod and decorative pillows.

Quick Tip: Choose rugs, chairs, and wall art that will easily go from dream nursery to dreamy kids room!

As you can see, there are many great and simple ways of converting a nursery to a dream room that is fit for a big kid. While you’re making the transition, it’s a good idea to get your child involved in the decorating process and ask what they like so that you end up with a room that they will be proud to call their own.

What ever you decide on, just have fun with it! At the end of the day, a comfy and cozy space to get a good night’s rest is all that’s important. Right? Thanks for dropping by Baby’s Own Room Blog and see you next time…

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Kids Room Closet Organization 101

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Kids Room Closet Organization 101 Here's a look at some great ideas that can be a big help!


Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed when it comes to organizing your kid’s room closet? Baby’s Own Room sure can relate. Finding the right mix of fun, tidiness and function can seem like a challenge at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a look at some great ideas that can be a big help. Hope it helps and enjoy.

Kids Room Closet Organization 101

Put Things Within Easy Reach – If your child’s the age when it’s time to start participating in getting dressed and cleaning up after themselves be sure to put things in easy reach for their height. There’s lots of cute ready to put together storage cubes that can be great for this. Let’s not forget the sooner the little one starts this sort of thing, the better for their sense of self-confidence and responsibility!

Make it Grow – Have you considered using wire closet organizers so that your kid’s closet design can grow along with them? This organizing tip can save some time when the little ones hit those adorable growth spurts.

Label, Label, Label – Organizing with the children’s help needs to focus on keeping it simple. Labeling what goes where with fun labels makes this a breeze. I’ve always had the kids make their own labels with crayon and sparkly stickers so they know exactly what goes where. This tip alone is worth its weight in gold!

Use Two Clothes Rods – Smaller clothes means putting in two clothes rods a slick move to making the most out of limited closet space. The higher of the two for what’s not worn as often and the bottom for the clothes your kids need to have easy access to. For two children using the same closet this is also a wonderful go to organization choice.

Always Keep it Fun – Remember a kid’s closet needs to be fun. Bright colors, favorite toys, stuffed animals, and maybe even fun wall paper inside–all have their place in keeping the energy high and happy. Get their input, you may be surprised at what awesome ideas shoot out in your direction!

Have pics of a before and after kids room closet organization project to share with us? We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by and happy blogging.


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Inspire Love of Reading – Create a Children’s Reading Nook

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Here at Baby’s Own Room, we believe that books can take your child’s imagination to a lot of different places. Reading can help them think, problem solve and learn! With all the choices out there for kids, it’s no wonder why parents want their little ones to enjoy reading– now more than ever. While most kids like to read, it’s generally something they won’t do in their bedroom if it’s filled with toys and other distractions. Fortunately you can change this and inspire reading as you create an awesome reading nook right in their room.


Spark an Interest in reading by creating a children's reading nook.


Creating the Nook

► Pick the Spot

Go into your child’s room and look around for the best spot for a reading nook. Generally this will be a comfortable corner that isn’t already packed with things, which will make it easier to put into place. When looking for a spot, make sure it is an area that gets good lighting. Natural light is best, but if not, make sure there is an outlet around where you can plug in a reading lamp.

Tip: If it’s a possibility, find a corner spot that doesn’t have anything on the ceiling or walls. You can then hang sheets from the ceiling to make a little tent that looks inviting and warm.

► Assess the Decor

Is the decor in the room distracting or overwhelming? If so, you might want to pick up some plastic totes that will hold toys and other things that can easily distract kids. You should also make sure there’s not a television facing the reading nook, or else your little one might be thinking about movies rather than reading!

Tip: Print out characters from your child’s favorite books and tape them onto the walls in the nook. You can also print out quotes from their favorite books to encourage your child to read.

► Create a Relaxing Environment


Clear the area of any toys or clutter that are going to get in the way of reading. Then put something on the floor, like cushions or pillows, to add some comfort to the area. You can even use bean bags that make the reading nook a lot more appealing to your little one. There are a lot of different seating options to choose from, just make sure to pick one that is comfortable for you and your child.

Tip: Purchase some cheap throw blankets and throw those on top of the cushions. They will make the nook feel like a really comfortable place that your child can stay in for hours!


Reading lamps and windows are essential for the reading nook, so make sure they will provide your little one with light during the day or at night. There are tons of cute lamps, so have your child help you choose one that they particularly like.


Even if it’s small, a bookcase is important to have in the nook. When kids are able to see each of their different books displayed they will have an easier time choosing one and be more likely to read during the day as well. Choose one that isn’t too tall so that they can easily grab from a shelf without having to ask for help.

Creating a reading nook for your child is something that you both can do together! It will make the room personalized for them and ensure that they want to return back to it in the future. There are a lot of different ways you can decorate it and location possibilities are endless, so have fun and you’re sure to see your little one reading more often. We’d love to see some of your reading nook ideas. Join us in our Facebook Community and share a pic or two. 🙂

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