A Simple Food Guide for Baby’s First Thanksgiving

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pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of year—and a busy one! With friends and relatives to see, dishes to make, and a house to prepare for guests (or travel plans to make if you aren’t the one hosting), planning a separate meal for your baby may be a step you’d rather skip. Fortunately, Thanksgiving dishes tend to be very friendly to tiny tummies, especially if you know which foods to avoid and which get the green light. Of course, you know your own baby best—if any of these foods is already on your OK list then offer away, and if there are foods you know your baby might not be ready for, avoid them even if we’ve given them the go-ahead. Read on for what to offer baby at her first Thanksgiving.

YES foods – Generally OK for most babies over 6-8 months

  1. Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes are typically one of the first foods babies eat because they are easy on the digestion, tasty, and packed with nutrition. Make sure to scoop the marshmallows off the top if serving from a casserole and mash to a pureed consistency, taking care that they’re runny enough to swallow safely.
  2. Mashed Potatoes – As long as your child doesn’t have a dairy sensitivity or allergy, since most mashed potato dishes are made with butter and/or milk, offer away! Follow the same guidelines as sweet potatoes, making sure potatoes are easy to swallow and don’t contain big chunks.
  3. Green Beans – Green beans are a great choice as long as they’re cooked thoroughly and soft enough for toothless mouths to mash and swallow safely.

What do you have planned for baby’s first Thanksgiving meal?

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Plan Ahead and Create Themed Halloween Costumes for Your Family

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Regardless of whether your kiddos are big or small, perhaps you can talk the group into dressing up together this year! It’s a great way to get the family into the Halloween spirit and just think of how great you will look trick or treating though your neighborhood or at your community Halloween festival. Once you get everyone on board, it’s a great idea to start planning your family costumes early so you have plenty of time before Halloween to get everything together. Especially since you want the holiday to be stress free and full of fun!

Once your family has agreed, get together to come up with your family theme –  this part is the most fun! Some fan favorite ideas include: a band of superheroes, The Addams Family, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang, a group of ghosts, or Harry Potter characters. Planning in advance gives you plenty of time to be creative. You could also come up with your own version of Star Wars or be the Pac-Man Pack! Perhaps your family wants to be extra spooky this year so flashback to Beetlejuice and incorporate some monsters into your group! The possibilities are endless.

Planning in advance allows you to have options about how you shop or if you have enough time to do things yourself. If you wait until the last minute you will be in a bind and be more likely to make rushed purchases with larger than desired price tags. I prefer to hit my local thrift shops and to scour my home for pieces that can be as a costume. For example, if your family decides to go as a ghastly group of ghosts – you can easily upcycle old sheets into a fun ghostly costumes.  A lot of times you can find unique items to incorporate into your look that will separate you from the crowd! Plus, hitting your own closet or the thrift store is great way to keep costs down and you are helping to save the environment too.

Planning in advance gives all you DIY parents out there time to glitter, sew, bead and braid your costumes to perfection! When it comes to ordering costume pieces online, make sure you give yourself plenty of time. You may think you know your size when ordering but you can never be completely sure. Ordering in advance gives you the ability to return items for different sizes if things don’t fit! You will also avoid having to pay for rushed shipping to make sure everything arrives in time.

The idea is to start early – so you will have great family Halloween costumes that are ready to go at the end of October!

Has your family ever dressed up together? What themes can you see your family dressing up as?


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Little Hands: Capture Them While You Can!

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little hands

Each year when our children head back to school after summer vacation we are reminded yet again how quickly they grow up. Yesterday it seemed like they were babies and today they have homework, friends and lives of their own. This is the perfect time of year, especially as the holiday’s approach, to take some extra time with your kids (big or small) to have some fun and capture a moment in time! Read on for my 3 rules for capturing those little hands, while you can!

Rule #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Get Messy
Sure we all lead busy lives and the last thing you may want to do is clean up another mess but trust me when I say it will be worth it. Babies and toddlers love bright colors and to experiment so finger painting is right up their alley. Of course in an effort to minimize stress and cleanup do yourself a favor and dress your kiddo in old clothes and set up a relatively contained area to work in. If you are working inside make sure you have access to a sink and try using newspaper as drop cloths. These small steps will make clean up a breeze! Also, be sure the paint you choose is washable and safe for kids.

Rule #2: Be Creative
Your options are limitless with this project. Sure you can use regular white paper and standard colors but you could also branch out! Use construction paper with different designs or color patterns. Transfer your hand-print onto a t-shirt or decorative plate. Use glitter paints or neon colors that glow in the dark, these are perfect as upcoming Halloween decorations. Use the hand-prints to create designs or allow your child to add drawings to the print once it has dried for an extra personal touch.

Rule #3: Frame It
Once you’ve completed your masterpiece take time to frame your work of art. Use a frame you already have around the house, pick up a cheap one from the store or go all out and have it professionally matted but it will make your little one feel special to see their hard work showcased. It will also make keeping up with it for the long run much easier. If your little one is not so little anymore an alternative to framing your hand-print is to have it scanned to create a digital image. This image can be used as your screensaver, wallpaper or used to be digitally added to a number of fun items!

When is the last time you took your child’s hand-print? What ideas do you have for this project? How can you make this a special project to remember for your family?

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5 Family Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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5 Family Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

5 Family Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Since 1970, the world has been celebrating Earth Day every year on April 22nd. Celebrations are meant to spread awareness on environmental conservation. If you’ve been wondering how you will honor this year’s Earth Day with your family, this blog post is for you. Below are 5 family friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day.

1. Plan or attend a tree planting ceremony with your family.

This is one of the most common ways to celebrate Earth Day with your family and friends. Many schools and organizations plan tree planting ceremonies, check your local Community Center or newspaper for a schedule. You can consider attending such family friendly ceremonies with your kids. Alternatively, you can conduct your own tree planting ceremony in your backyard or farm and invite close family members and friends to honor the occasion.

2. Plan a local cleanup day.

You can consider cleaning up your local neighborhood with the help of family members, neighbors and friends. It doesn’t have to be a big exercise. You can simply walk around as a group picking up litter. Tip: You will need safety or protective gear i.e. gloves for this exercise.

3. Attend Environmental Education programs or classes.

If you don’t want to pick up dirt, you can consider attending educational programs in your neighborhood. Environmental Education Classes and programs that teach kids about planting flowers, trees and grass are likely to be planned for your neighborhood around Earth Day. Such classes are perfect for learning about conserving the environment as well as beautifying it. They are also fun and educational for all age groups.

4. Organize a fund raising event in your community.

This is another fun way to celebrate Earth Day with your family. You can engage your kids to draw up sponsor sheets and placards to be used outdoors in your fundraising event. The event should have an environmental friendly theme. You can donate the proceeds to any environmental conservation organization in your community.

5. Enjoy the outdoors with your family.

Families rarely get time to enjoy outdoor activities, which are important in reminding us the importance of conserving nature. You can choose to hike, take a walk or visit a nearby park with your family. This is a perfect way to enjoy all the wonders Mother Nature has to offer.

How will you be celebrating Earth day with your family? Baby’s Own Room hopes that you enjoy the day, and perhaps our 5 suggestions will guide you in the right direction.



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How to Plan a Fun Easter Egg Hunt

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Foodie Fun - How to Plan a Fun Easter Egg Hunt  Baby's Own Room Blog


It’s time to plan a fun outdoor event because Easter is just around the corner. What’s really nice is the fact that the whole family can participate in this event. You can make it as memorable as possible by filling it with fun activities for all ages. However, making time to plan such an incredible Easter egg hunt can be a problem. Baby’s Own Room wants to share how to quickly plan a fun Easter Egg Hunt that doubles up as a bonding experience for the family.


Set the Time and Carefully Consider the Ages of Your Guests

The more the merrier when it comes to how many family members and friends should participate in your Easter Egg Hunt. This will make the egg hunt livelier and more adventurous. This also means that you will have various age groups joining in the fun. You should set a date and time for the hunt that accommodates everyone.

Quick Tip: The egg hunt should take into account the various age groups of the participants. For example, you should hide Easter eggs in the lawn for toddlers or in bushes for the elderly. This way both age groups will be able to reach the Easter eggs quite easily. 

Determine the Location and Set a Boundary Line 

A good location is important for any successful egg hunt. You do not want to be at the mercy of the elements while you are having fun. For example, it may start raining during your Easter Egg Hunt. This is why you should have a backup plan. Your backyard is a wise choice for a location because you can move the fun indoors if the weather becomes unfriendly. Set a boundary after you determine the location. A boundary is important because it keeps the children within sight.

Make a List of Hiding Places and Have Some Prizes 

A hunt is all about treasure and as such, an Easter Egg Hunt without prizes would not be fun! You should have prizes attached to the Easter eggs. These prizes could be in the eggs or certain eggs can indicate certain prizes at the end of the hunt. For example, you can have chocolate candies or jelly beans in the Easter eggs. Remember to make a list of all the hiding places. This will help you to direct children to eggs that are hard to find during the hunt or help you collect unfound eggs after the hunt.

Bonus Tip: You should also have a surprise prize for the person who found the least eggs. Doing so ensures that everyone is happy at the end of the Easter Egg Hunt. What fun ways do you celebrate Easter egg hunts with your family? Baby’s Own Room would love to hear from you! 🙂 



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DIY Funny Bunny Rabbit Easter Egg Decorating Craft

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DIY Funny Bunny Rabbit Easter Egg Decorating Craft


With Easter fast approaching, it’s time to get ready to help the kids create those colorful Easter eggs they enjoy so much. Do you find that the traditional color dipping stations aren’t very exciting for the kids anymore? If so, part of the reason may be that they don’t really get to express their creativity and personality in those ‘cookie cutter’ design projects. This month Baby’s Own Room would like to share a fun and creative do-it-yourself Easter egg decorating craft project for the kids.  We call the craft Funny Bunny Rabbit, and it’s sure to showcase the creative side of each child.

Baby’s Own Room quick tip: When the big day comes you’ll be able to hide the funny egg bunnies for your family Easter egg hunt!

Let’s get to the fun! For this incredibly cute egg coloring craft, the first thing you’ll need to do is color one egg in solid orange. Then let the children color the rest of the eggs like you normally would, but in any color they like. For this crafty idea we suggest that you purchase pastel dyes because you will be drawing on the eggs–and the lighter the color of the rabbit the better. Since these will eventually be bunnies, white eggs work fine, but kids will enjoy making the color of their bunny unique.

Once the eggs are completely dry, follow these easy steps:

  •      Give each child a pink pom pom that they can glue to the egg as the bunny’s nose.
  •      Give each child a fine black marker so they can personalize the bunny with some cute eyes and whiskers along the side of the pink pom pom.
  •      Let each child customize each bunny however they like.
  •      Cut out some bunny ears with either some card stock or color foam material.
  •      Let the kids place a small amount of glue on the bottom of the ears and then stick them to the top of their egg.
  •      While the ears are drying, cut out four or five pieces of green ribbon approximately 9 inches in length.
  •      Fold the ribbons in half and staple where you made the fold.
  •      Make a small fold where you just added the staple, and apply a small amount of glue to that area.
  •      Finally, apply the green ribbons to the top of the orange egg to create the carrot for all the bunnies to enjoy while sitting in the egg carton or Easter basket.


Sit back and watch the kids create funny bunny eggs, break out in huge smiles, and enjoy lots of giggles. Happy Easter from your friends at Baby’s Own Room!


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