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The 4 Best Things to Drink During Pregnancy

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 The 4 Best Things to Drink During Pregnancy

While most of us know that a pregnant mom-to-be needs to up her fluid intake during pregnancy, there’s still the issue of which drinks are the best for both mommy and baby. Baby’s Own Room checked all over cyberspace, and this top 4 list of healthy beverages is what we came up with. Nausea is a common pregnancy symptom that effects what you drink, but, did you know that dehydration can make matters even worse? So, if you are experiencing morning sickness–drink these very slowly and in small amounts to reduce your nausea. 

  • Water – Not surprising, everything we read agreed that water is the best drink, pregnant or not. In addition to flushing toxins out of your system, it’s also calorie free, refreshing, and has nothing artificial in it. If you’re like me, water can get boring. Some women find that adding a sprig of mint or slice of fruit makes it a more exciting drink.
  • Herbal Tea – As with everything else, take precautions when consuming herbal tea. Matter of fact we suggest that you talk to your health provider about the list of teas to stay away from during your pregnancy. Some feel that herbal tea may be good for you during your pregnancy. According to the, “many alternative medicine health care providers feel that using certain herbal teas during pregnancy is a great way to support optimal pregnancy health.”
  • Milk – Now this one was hard for me to swallow. I don’t much like the taste of milk, but it’s good for you, without a doubt. Aim for low fat milk that offers good things like Vitamin D, protein, and vitamin B12. Hope you like milk because it’s one of the best drinks to consume when you’re pregnant and beyond.
  • Decaf Coffee or Tea – If you are a coffee lover, you’re gonna LOVE this! Although you should limit your caffeine intake while pregnant, there are many delicious decaffeinated choices out there as an alternative. If you just can’t seem to give up your C-O-F-F-E-E, talk to your health provider about a safe limit for your specific situation.

Java lovers quick tip: Limit your caffeine, per day, during pregnancy to the amount found in two 5 ounce cups of regular coffee or three cups of regular tea. Reference: The Cleveland Clinic for more information on good nutrition during your pregnancy.

What are some of the drinks you avoided during your pregnancy? Other than high calorie milkshakes, sodas, alcohol, and sweet teas during your pregnancy, Baby’s Own Room says– Eat, drink and be merry. 🙂

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Coping With An Ectopic Pregnancy

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Coping With An Ectopic Pregnancy

For those Baby’s Own Room readers who don’t already know, an ectopic pregnancy happens when the egg implants outside the uterus and fertilization occurs. Since they typically happen in the fallopian tubes, most of us know of them as ‘tubals’ or a tubal pregnancy. As you can imagine, this can be incredibly scary and difficult for the mom-to-be and her loved ones. Some moms have a hard time coping during and after an ectopic pregnancy. Understandably so, as it’s life threatening for the pregnant mother!

Unfortunately, due to my family history, I’m only too familiar with learning how to cope. Every single experience is different and there is no right or wrong way to deal with the medical emergency. I want to stress the importance of not being hard on yourself or looking for blame. The medical community will be the first to tell you, there is still much mystery in the how’s and why’s of ectopic pregnancies.

Remember: Coping with an ectopic pregnancy can be very difficult. However, a couple can be comforted by the fact that many women who have had ectopic pregnancies go on to have a normal pregnancy.

For some of us mothers, coping may come by learning the risk factors and how to avoid the rare situation in the future. While an ectopic pregnancy is not the fault of the mother, there are several factors that can be eliminated to prevent future ectopic pregnancies.

  • Smoking increases the odds of an ectopic pregnancy so quitting can help a lot.
  • Many ectopic pregnancies occur when there has been damage to the fallopian tubes and/or uterus due to current or past infection, i.e. pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).
  • After having an ectopic pregnancy, we can pay more attention to vaginal infections that can lead to PID and make dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce them. For example, eating less sugar will lower the rate of vaginal infections.
  • Not douching is a lifestyle change that can be made since douching is well known to cause vaginal infections that can lead to PID.


Quick Tip: Often times, it occurs without the mother experiencing any ectopic pregnancy symptoms. Therefore, she may be unaware there has been any sort of problem until the ectopic pregnancy is discovered.

We’d like to strongly suggest you seek supportive emotional help both during and after being treated for an ectopic pregnancy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask your Dr. as many questions as you need answered. You may find that counseling is needed in order to cope. There is nothing wrong with that either. Remember that dad is grieving the loss of the pregnancy too, so lean on each other for support. Lastly, take the healing process very slow. One day at a time, baby steps. Our prayers are with you for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Disclosure: Our Baby’s Own Room bloggers are not medical professionals. Please consult your Dr. for facts on ectopic pregnancies. If you have any symptoms or reason to believe that you may be suffering from a tubal, seek IMMEDIATE medical care.

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Moms On The Run: Finding a Supportive Running Community

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Moms all over the country are achieving results that they never dreamed possible. Do you want your body back?

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Sometimes the best motivation can be your crew, BFF’s, best girls, or what ever you call the community of supportive women in your life. As the owner of Baby’s Own Room is an avid runner, it’s only natural that we share her passion and joy of running and fitness. But more importantly, if we can reach just one mom or mom-to-be who wants to ‘get moving’ but needs a little support–then we’re winning! Today we are sharing some pretty cool ways for our Moms on The Run to find supportive running communities and empower each other. GIRL POWER!

  • Organize a group or team in your own community. This can be as simple as heading to your local track or walking trail and chatting with other mothers interested in running. Set up a time to meet and you just may find that you have a lot more in common than just running. Since you frequent the track anyway, why not support and encourage each other?
  • Look for invitations to join other runners via your local Library’s bulletin board. I was surprised at how many useful resources the modern library shares with the community. From garage sale notices, farmers markets, tutors, and of course organized running activities; there is sure to be something for you.
  • Sign up for a local 1/2 Marathon, 5k, or 1k race. Even if you sign up for your first run solo, you will meet runners from every walk of life to possibly bond with. There is a closeness among runners that can’t be beat. You can also make it an adventure and travel to a dream location with your friends to find your runner’s high. Find out when the next race will be held in locations like Hawaii or Disneyland and start training for it. Here are some tips for your first run.
  • Opt for an organized running class. We fell in love with the programs offered at and decided to feature them in this blog post, but there are numerous opportunities to sign up for running classes right in your community. The awesome thing about FIT4MOM is that there’s a program for every level.


At FIT4MOM, certified fitness instructors offer a variety of fun class formats both indoors and outdoors. All locations also offer a free Plum Moms Club so moms can form lasting friendships with other moms through organized playdates, moms’ nights out, and activities for the whole family. The Stroller Strides class looks like mega fun!

Find A Supportive Running Community With Stroller Strides at FIT4MOM

Are you a Mom on The Run? Do you want to take the steps to become one and meet other’s who love it? We’d love to hear from you! Join our runner’s pinning community or drop by and leave a comment anytime. See you on the trail. 🙂

Disclosure: We received no compensation from FIT4MOM, we merely think that they ROCK and wanted to share with our readers and friends.

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What to Expect at Your First Prenatal Appointment

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What to Expect at Your First Prenatal Appointment


So, you’ve taken a pregnancy test, it was positive and you are now definitely pregnant. Woohoo! During this exciting period of your life you will have to attend prenatal appointments with your practitioner, to prepare for the big day. Besides the fact that it won’t hurt to be prepared, you’re probably still wondering what your very first prenatal appointment is all about. If that is the case, this Baby’s Own Room post is the article for you.

► You Will Get An Official Due Date

Whether it’s your midwife, doula, or ob-gyn practitioner you are seeing, they will work out your due date for you. It’s especially helpful if you know the date of your last period or when you possibly conceived. If you don’t know, or the health provider is not sure how far into pregnancy you are, an ultrasound appointment may be scheduled for you to work it out. This will become a date you will never forget. 🙂

► You Will Get A Check-Up

During your first prenatal appointment you can expect a thorough exam. Your healthcare provider will conduct – a breast exam, weigh-in, blood pressure reading, pap smear and a pelvic examination.

► They Will Run Tests On You

If you have a history of pregnancy complications or issues, or if there is history of them in your family, the practitioner might order an ultrasound so that they can have a look at your baby. You will also have to submit to a urine test to check the levels of protein. This test is used to check for signs of pregnancy high blood pressure and Preeclampsia. If the doctor wants to rule out problems such as HIV, hepatitis, anemia and gestational diabetes; they will take a sample of your blood to test. The blood test will also be used to determine your blood type (if not already known), HCG levels, and a complete blood count.  These tests are very important to prevent issues like a low platelet count. If they find that it’s very low, precautions can be taken against hemorrhaging during a natural labor.

► You Will Chat About You And Baby

Your doctor or health provider will use this time to get to know about your health history.  It’s also a great time for them to give you some helpful advice on how to look after yourself and your growing bundle of joy. You can also use this time to address any concerns you have.


Baby’s Own Room Quick Tip! It’s a good idea to have a list of questions ready for your healthcare provider. Also, don’t be afraid to take plenty of notes! Remember, we are not Dr.’s, but merely wanted to share some basic things you can expect at your first prenatal appointment. Happy Mommy, Happy Baby! 🙂

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Strange Pregnancy Cravings to Avoid

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Some Strange Cravings to Avoid During Pregnancy



While almost all women crave something unusual during pregnancy, some women take this to a whole new level. They may crave non-food items that they would never even think of eating at other times.

Strange Pregnancy Cravings to Avoid: dirt, sand, clay, cigarette ashes, baking powder, baking soda, mothballs, laundry detergent, coffee grounds, paint, soap, and paper. Some pregnant women may even be tempted to take a bite out of a styrofoam cup!

Ever heard of a condition called Pica? We thought it interestingly fitting that it’s named after a small bird in the crow family–known to eat just about anything. Moms-to-be must be aware of the desire to eat non-food items and the tendency towards strange pregnancy cravings. It’s important since they can severely block the absorption of nutrients, block your bowels entirely, and in the very worst cases, cause acute poisoning leading to loss of life to the mother and/or unborn child. Pica is more common than once thought because many women were too embarrassed to tell anyone they had such unusual, and potentially harmful, cravings.

Baby’s Own Room Quick Tip: The internet is helping to change Pica Awareness. Thankfully women are able to discuss the issue more freely on forums, social media outlets, and supportive groups. Some women are more comfortable sharing this way where they can remain anonymous.


The jury is still out on exactly what causes pica. Complicating the matter is that the causes can be different for each woman. However, some studies have linked pica to an iron deficiency and others suggest another mineral or vitamin deficiency to be the cause. The best way to avoid these strange pregnancy cravings is to eat a well-balanced diet full of super foods that have a high density of micronutrients. Eating foods high in omega-3 is also very important. Be sure to eat foods like:

  • Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Fresh Produce {in every color of the rainbow}
  • Wild Salmon
  • Halibut
  • Trout
  • Sardines
  • Flax Seed

That about wraps it up for today. Thanks for dropping by Baby’s Own Room. Isn’t it good to note that pickles and ice cream are NOT on the list of strange pregnancy cravings to avoid? 🙂

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Health and Wellness Benefits of Dancing During Pregnancy

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No matter what your current dance expertise is, you can get some health and wellness benefits from hitting classes while your little one starts to grow inside you. Just Dance!


Most doctors agree that exercise is important during pregnancy. The more active you can remain while pregnant, the fewer complications that you will have during and after your pregnancy. This week, Baby’s Own Room is sharing some of the many health and wellness benefits of dancing during pregnancy. For most of us, weight loss can be a concern that is high on the list. By incorporating dance in your routine, you will have less weight to lose after the baby comes, and your overall sense of wellness will be much higher. Let’s look at some other benefits, for the well-being of both mom-to-be and baby.

  • Taking a dance class is likely to help you stay fit and have some fun while you’re waiting for your little one to arrive.
  • If you have been dancing for exercise before your pregnancy, some experts believe that you can keep up the same level throughout your first trimester without running any risks. This is true for leaping, jumping and hopping.
  • The impact that comes from movements like tap dancing is something to avoid.
  • One reason why dance is so helpful for fitness during pregnancy is that it comes from the very center of your body. As a result, it boosts your balance, proper body alignment and overall muscle tone.
  • The more balance you develop, the more your body will begin to change. This is important because locating your body’s center becomes even tougher when your baby is growing inside you.

So why not turn up the music and get dancing! Best of all, make sure to have some fun. While we are not experts at Baby’s Own Room, here are a few more tips and some information that we’ve learned along the way. It’s important to remember that as your body grows with the pregnancy, finding proper body alignment becomes even more of a problem. When you hit your second and third trimesters, your lower back may sway outward with your stomach, making an arch through your lumbar region to balance the baby’s weight. This alters your center of gravity and changes your body’s balance and alignment. By tucking your bottom in, holding your rib cage inward, and holding things in place with your abs, you can maintain balance while dancing. If you have movements with which you feel confident, stick with them as long as you can, particularly if dance has been a hobby of yours.

Quick Tip! Getting the OK. Always make sure to check with your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program during your pregnancy. This also goes for the 6 weeks after giving birth. 🙂

No matter what your current dance expertise is, you can get some health and wellness benefits from hitting classes while your little one starts to grow inside you. Try some classes aimed at new mothers to help you find your inner balance. We blog about fit pregnancy and invite you to join us. Happy Blogging and happy baby!

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