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Orange and Gray Stripe Teen Bedding Set

Posted by on May 12, 2015 in General, Kids Room Decor, New Arrivals, Our Designers & Brands | Comments Off on Orange and Gray Stripe Teen Bedding Set

gray-white-orange-4-piece-teen-stripe-twin-bedding-setIt’s spring! And this means it’s time for spring cleaning. Throw out the old and begin with something new – why not an orange and gray stripe teen bedding set for a young person in your home?! The orange and gray stripe bedding set by Sweet Jojo Designs is great for any young male or female. With a splash of color and simplistic design, this bedding set creates a clean and fun feel to any teen’s room.  The orange and gray stripe teen bedding set is available in full/queen size, but you can also get it in a 4 piece twin set, modernize your nursery with the 9 piece crib set or add some spunk to your toddler room with the 5 piece toddler collection.

Start your spring off with a fresh new look for your teen’s bedroom and even bathroom! This orange and gray stripe teen bedding set and all the matching accessories are a great transition into a more mature bedroom. It’s simple design and color scheme make this orange and gray bedding set and matching orange and gray accessories easy to match with other room decor. Throw out those old bedding sets and start your spring off with a new fun and fresh orange and gray bedding set!

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Baby Bonding With Reading Bedtime Stories by Snuggleberry Baby

Posted by on May 17, 2014 in New Mom on the Block, Our Designers & Brands | Comments Off on Baby Bonding With Reading Bedtime Stories by Snuggleberry Baby

Snuggleberry Baby's crib bedding and storybooks center on their ambition to strengthen the parent-child relationship.

One activity that strengthens the bond between parent and child is bedtime storybook time. The newest brand carried at Baby’s Own Room, Snuggleberry Baby, is on a mission to help make your child’s bedtime as memorable as a storybook. They’ve included an adorable and fun children’s book with each baby bedding set! If you begin this tradition with your baby early on; there will be many benefits for child, mom, and dad.

Here are a few good benefits that are bound to help create a bond through reading.

  • Reading enhances creativity and imagination
  • Interacting together increases oral communication skills
  • Establishing a bedtime routine for better sleep habits
  • Bedtime story telling helps you to raise book lovers

Baby Bonding With Bedtime Stories by Snuggleberry Baby. Chevron Owl Themed Baby Bedding Set.



What was your favorite bedtime story growing up?


I remember reciting every word as my parents read Are You My Mother, by P. D. Eastman to me, even before I could read myself. I’m not surprised that it made the National Education Association list, Teacher’s Top 100 Books For Children!


Snuggleberry’s Night Adventure Storybook, an adorable reading book, the story is set within the captivating scene of the Bedding Set Quilt.

Reading awareness is very important to those of us at Baby’s Own Room, so we’re excited about the goal of our newest brand. Impeccably designed with quality in mind–Snuggleberry Baby’s crib bedding and storybooks center on their ambition to strengthen the parent-child relationship. By creating captivating scenes which inspire imagination, their hope is to put you and your child at the very heart of that goal.

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How To Plan a Baby Shower Quilting Bee

Posted by on Jan 25, 2014 in Our Designers & Brands | 3 comments

How To Plan a Baby Shower Quilting Bee

Planning a baby shower can be one of the most fun parties you’ve ever put together. Sometimes the pressure of being perfect can take away from what’s really important. That is–creating an event that is personal, fun, warm and exciting for the mom to be and her guests. If you keep in mind the unique interests of your group of friends, you are sure to have great big smiles and happy guests at your event.

Have you run out of ideas on how to make your shower special? This week, Baby’s Own Room would like to share a unique shower theme that surrounds the closeness once shared at old-fashioned quilting bees. Read more for tips on How To Plan a Baby Shower Quilting Bee. 


Fall in love with this Birds Of Paradise Quilt at Baby's Own RoomBirds Of Paradise Quilt by Whistle and Wink


Back in the 1800’s quilting was more than just a hobby, much more. Actually, the quilting bee concept was born due to a known fact. What happens when a group gets together to complete a huge and time consuming task? Right, it gets accomplished in record time! They were also a wonderful way for women to gather, bond, and share knowledge with each other. Whether or not your baby shower guests are master quilters, incorporating it into the shower can be great fun and a learning experience too. Best of all, the mom to be will have a beautiful keepsake that was hand-crafted by each of her loved ones. We found a great deal of interesting stuff about the history of quilting and the social aspect of quilting bees at Quilting in America. You may enjoy checking it out for trivia to share with your guests.

Fall in love with this Wildflower Quilt by Whistle and Wink at Baby's Own RoomHand-crafted Wildflower Crib Quilt by Whistle and Wink

Here are some of our best tips for planning your special baby shower.

Quilting Theme Decor Ideas

Especially if your guest of honor has selected baby nursery decor that features quilts, this type of baby shower theme decor can be easily coordinated. There are wonderful invitations and baby shower favors out there to match the quilting theme. Or, if you are crafty, you can always make your own.

Think patch work, possibly even fabric invites! Decorate your party room with adorable color coordinated bees for an added touch.

Quilting Shower Activity Ideas

Have your guests bring squares of favorite fabrics to the shower, or the host can provide the squares. For best results,  they should be uniform in size — 6 square inches works really well for this project.

Provide fabric pens or paint so each guest can decorate her square with a picture or a message for the baby. Then the group can sew the quilt together at the shower, or one person can take the squares home and put it together later.

Play a trivia game about quilting and other fun things your mom to be enjoys. Let us know if you need more information on the history of quilting for your trivia questions.

Fall in love with this Fairyland Quilt at Baby's Own Room!Beautifully Designed Fairyland Quilt by Whistle and Wink

Think that you’d enjoy a Quilting Bee Baby Shower? It’s a nice way to remember the day and get everyone involved in a group project. Getting Social at your Quilting Bee Shower–How fun is that?!

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Designer: One Grace Place

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in Baby Bedding Collections, Our Designers & Brands | Comments Off on Designer: One Grace Place

One Grace Place is a designer bedding company for infants, toddlers, tweens, and teens, also specializing in bathroom and home décor. The company takes pride in the luxury and affordability of their exciting designer nursery bedding and other product lines. They strive to provide comfort and style in contemporary bedding, accessories, and décor that can really portray the personalities of the kids who choose them.

One Grace Place’s Director of Design is Crystal Campbell, working mother of a handful of energetic kids with very individual personalities. Crystal takes her inspiration for the company’s colorful, unique designs from the personalities and interests of real children – her own, and those she has met through friends and family. The bold and artistic pink, turquoise, and black design of their “Magical Michayla” youth bedding collection, for example, was inspired by Crystal’s own daughter’s love of color and creativity; and the “Teyo’s Tires” designer nursery bedding set was inspired by her son’s non-stop energy and ready-to-go attitude.

Creativity and an eye for interior design has been passed on to Crystal’s daughter, as well. The newest addition to One Grace Place’s bedding and décor collection, “Terrific Tie-Dye,” was designed by the Campbell’s daughter Michayla. The “Terrific Tie-Dye” collection has obviously been designed by a free-spirited, fun-loving young person with a passion for color and style!

One Grace Place’s designer nursery bedding – and other bedding collections and accessories – are unique, luxurious, and high-quality home products. Check out all of the chic, appealing bedding sets, accessories and home décor that they have to offer.

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Designer: The Little Acorn

Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Our Designers & Brands | Comments Off on Designer: The Little Acorn

The Little Acorn Crib Bedding

Children love to have their rooms decorated to display who they are. Finding fun designs that are affordable, bold, and great for both boys and girls can be difficult. The Little Acorn is a children’s design company that offers designs for infants through preschool. You can find designs that create an adorable nursery, and then find accessories that are then available for children who have lost their teeth or need some place to store their spoon and fork. And here at BabysOwnRoom.com we are proud to announce that we now carry their line of beautiful embroidered crib bedding to fun stuffed animals!

Forest Animals Wishing Tree Crib Quilt

The Little Acorn is a company based in San Francisco, CA and creates whimsical products for children. The products are colorful and meaningful that creates a positive way to learn and stand out. The company was awarded in 2011 for Friends Come in All Colors, and Learn your Colors because of the creativity used in the pillows, wall art, and the place mats available.

Baby Owl Pillow The Little Acorn collections are designed by Bridget Kelly who has been designing products for children for the last 20 years. You may have seen her work with Pottery Barn Kids, Nike, Mattel, Whistle & Wink, and others. She knows what parents want to see and a message with soul is one of those. She brings acceptance and appreciation of nature to items that kids will love to have on their walls.

Bridget ensures that each of The Little Acorn products are handcrafted and built to last and having something that can be passed down through the generations. The Little Acorn motto is Grow up Happy, and it is everyone’s dream for this company to be able to do that with whimsical and fun products that every child will love to hold and cling to. Baby’s Own Room is a proud retailer of The Little Acorn and we are excited to see what exciting new creates Bridget will come up with next. 

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Trend Lab Crib Bedding

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Discount baby bedding is just one of many products that an individual can purchase from Trend Lab. Trend Lab is a private company that is licensed as a business owned by women. It was founded under the belief that parents want chic and trendy nursery decor that blend in well with the decor of the rest of their home. Trendy and chic products are what this company is all about.

Cat in the Hat Crib Bedding

The products that Trend Lab sells are broken down into a handful of categories including: babies, toddlers, gifts, home decorations, bags, and pets. The company even makes exclusive products and sells them to a single business. These are products that are never re-sold or promoted. They were made by Trend Lab, but they were sold to be exclusively used by the business that purchases them.

Crib bedding, toddler bedding, and nursery room accessories are some of the products this company sells that really speak to both new and experienced parents. After all, how would you feel if a guest visited your house and was able to go from room to room to see a matching decor? Most parents think that their child’s room is normally an exception to the decor throughout the rest of their house. However, this does not have to be the case, especially with Discount Baby Bedding.

Thanks to Trend Lab parents can create a fun and exciting bedroom for their child that also blends with the decor throughout the rest of their house as well. Naturally, your child’s wants and needs should always come first. You want to choose colors, furniture, and lightening fixtures that are going to appeal to the interests of your child. However, that does not mean that they cannot appeal to you as well. That is what Trend Lab is all about. It is a company that mixes the wants and needs of children into decor items that parents love as well. They offer a great line of the whimsical favorite’s childhood characters such as Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat and One Fish Two Fish.

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