The History of Crib Mobiles

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Baby’s Own Room was fascinated to learn about the history of crib mobiles and decided to share it on the blog. When selecting a mobile for your precious little one, here are some interesting tidbits to keep in mind. For one, did you know that the very first mobiles did not necessarily move? They were actually constructed as sculptures. Literally, they were works of art. 

A well known American artist named Alexander Calder is thought to have invented–or been the inspiration for the mobile. Calder got his start as a freelance sketch artist. In the 1930s he began experimenting with the sculptures he’d been making (mainly circus animals made of wire and wood), and introduced moving parts into the pieces. Thus the mobile was born!

Evolving into popular accessories for baby nursery cribs, many moms-to-be wouldn’t dream of leaving them off the list. They are now looked at as musical toys meant to entertain our babies and hopefully soothe them to sweet slumber too. Ideally, after baby gazes intently at the crib mobile, sleep will come. Also, some suggest that you select designs that are black and white. These color contrasts are known to be easily seen by younger babies and can help stimulate developing vision.

Isabella Black and White Crib Mobile

Quick Tip: Black and white color contrast crib mobiles are usually the first noted by babies and may be most helpful in stimulating developing vision. Do you have a crib mobile listed on your baby shower registry?


Here are a few safety tips to remember when using crib mobiles.

  • The mobile should be securely placed on a rail that is well out of reach of baby.
  • Once a baby begins sitting up or can stand supported by crib rails, it’s time to put away your crib mobile.
  • Make sure to select a mobile with objects that are choke safe and intended for child play. This way you can cut the shapes or animals off the string for your older baby to play with.

You may want to check to see what the mobile’s song is–and the length of time your mobiles music will play. The mobiles at Baby’s Own Room play Brahms’s lullaby and fit standard cribs.  Share with us, does your baby fall asleep gazing at the crib mobile?

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Five Frugal Tips for Decorating Nursery Room Walls

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Frugal Tips For Decorating Nursery Room Walls


Decorating your baby’s nursery is exciting, but if you have a limited budget it can be extremely daunting. You will need to find frugal ideas so that you can create the perfect space. You’d be surprised how many ideas there are to help get your nursery exactly how you want it to look. Often the nursery is a room in the house that has been neglected which is why it may take more time and effort.

Frugal decorating ideas are excellent, and can help you to save money for other items that the baby will need. Here are 5 decorating tips that Baby’s Own Room is only too happy to share.

1. Choose a great paint sale time, and don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Bright, primary colors are the most popular to decorate a nursery with, and what better way to finish the room than with a colorful border. You will need to find the best place to purchase paint, unless you are fortunate enough to be given some by family and friends.

2. Get creative and upcycle. If you are crafty and creative, you may be able to use magazine pictures, which have been laminated to decorate your walls. There are so many family and baby magazines to choose from. Removable wall decals are another fun idea to think about.


Pink and Grey Elephant Removable Wall Decals for Kid's Rooms


Pink and Taupe Mod Elephant removable wall decals by Sweet Jojo Designs will add a fun and colorful touch to any bedroom.

3. Use patterned paper as a border. An alternative supplier such as teacher supply stores will be far cheaper. These stores offer many different items that you may not have considered, including letters and numbers that can be perfect in the nursery.

4. Use your own personal photos. Photos that you have taken at your baby shower make great nursery wall decor. This is another great way to decorate on a budget, as these can be laminated, or framed at a low cost.

5. Stencils are another exciting way to be creative on a budget. Fortunately they are straightforward to use. You can use your imagination or get help from a really crafty friend to create your own style.

You will be amazed how creative you can be when you need to save money. Have any tips or ideas to share? Get started now by browsing our affordable wall decor ideas and happy decorating!  

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Animal Themed Kenya Pink and Gray Cheetah Baby Bedding Sets

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Searching high and low for the perfect baby girl bedding in an animal theme? If soft and delicate colors appeal to you, along with a fun and adorable animal print; the Kenya Pink and Gray Cheetah Baby Bedding Collection by Sweet Jojo Designs is perfect! Take a look at this quality baby bedding set and complete collection of matching  accessories available now at Baby’s Own Room

Animal Themed Kenya Pink and Gray Baby Bedding Collection by Sweet Jojo Designs

What’s really nice about this design is the feminine touch. The details scream “It’s all girl!”, with a sassy and subtle splash of Cheetah. You’ll have no trouble at all creating a stunning animal setting for your space. In addition to the pieces in our complete crib bedding set, Baby’s Own Room has everything else you need to decorate your baby girl’s nursery.

This Pink & Gray Cheetah Crib Bedding Set Includes:

  • Crib Blanket: 45in. x 36in.
  • 2 Window Valances: 54in. x 15in. ea.
  • Crib Skirt: 52in. x 28in. x 15in. drop
  • Fitted crib sheet: 52in. x 28in. x 8in. pocket
  • Bumper: 158in. x 10in.
  • Diaper stacker: 15in. x 6in.
  • Toy bag
  • Pillow 10in. x 10in.


Your baby girl will love the femine and fun Kenya Cheetah Collection by Sweet Jojo Designs

The crib skirt on this set really sets it apart from any other set by Sweet Jojo Designs with a feminine 3 layer cascading skirt.

Kenya Cheetah Collection Matching Musical Crib Mobile


Musical Crib Mobiles are a must in the nursery! And this pink & gray heart Cheetah pattern mobile is just what the modern nursery needs! Created by Sweet Jojo Designs this mobile includes frame, canopy with hanging toys and matching sleeve cover. It plays Brahms’s lullaby and fits standard cribs.

*Baby Tip: When your baby starts pushing up onto her hands and knees, (usually at around 4 to 5 months of age), it’s time to get rid of the mobile — she could reach it, and that’s dangerous.

Don’t forget to add some of these items to your baby registry! Also available in a 5 piece Toddler Bedding Set. The 5 piece toddler bedding collection by Sweet Jojo Designs will create a stunning boutique setting for your little one.

What are some other must-have baby room accessories needed to complete the look of any modern nursery? We’d love to hear from you. 🙂 

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Nursery: How To Create A Safe Diaper Changing Station

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Nursery: How To Create A Safe Diaper Changing Station

The essential tip to creating a safe diaper changing station is organization. When time for a changing, the very last thing you want to do is run around searching for diaper cream, ointment, diaper wipes, or a diaper pin. Remember that once your little one is settled on the changing table pad, and strapped; it’s still not safe to move away from baby even for a moment. 

Here is a handy list of what you should have within reach whenever you change your baby:

  • Keep at least a dozen cloth or disposable diapers on stock.
  • A supply of your preferred diaper rash ointment or cream. (Baby’s Own Room would like to caution you against using baby powder as most pediatricians share the concern of possible inhalation of dangerous particles.)
  • Plenty of wash cloths, diaper wipes, and cotton balls.
  • At least 1 change of clothing, just in case.
  • A diaper pail. Although it does not need to be fancy or expensive, you should consider one with an air-tight lid.
  • A generous supply of cloth diaper needs such as diaper pins, diaper covers, and Velcro fasteners.

Now that all of your supplies are accessible you’re ready for many safe, clean, and comfy diaper changes. When you are prepared it can be a fun and engaging time for Mommy and baby. (Not to leave out Daddy, if you are lucky he will pull late night changing duty!) Don’t be upset if your little one dislikes diaper changes and wails the entire time. Quickly handle the task at hand as safely as possible. On the other hand, some babies love the changing time that can be spent singing, talking, playing, etc.


Turquoise changing pad cover for safe changing station.

All of the changing pad covers at Baby’s Own Room come with safety straps. Be sure to keep your baby safe. Pictured here is the Hooty Turquoise and Lime Changing Pad Cover that completes the look and feel of your baby boy or baby girl nursery.



Here are some quick tips shared by real moms in our community.  Please feel free to add your favorite tips, we love comments from our Moms!

  • Set up mini changing stations on every floor of the house. A cute little basket or container including a couple of diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream will save a trip to the nursery for quick changes. ~ Alicia
  • Keep changing supplies by your bed for midnight feeding diaper changes. You’ll be done and back to sleep in no time. ~ Rhonda
  • Make sure that your baby can’t reach the supplies! ~ Courtney
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Children’s Room Decor: Changing Pad Covers

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When you start thinking about nursery décor, the major purchases come to mind: Furniture such as crib, rocker, and changing table; coordinated bedding and curtains. But there are so many other décor details you can add to make your baby’s first environment unique and attractive. From stuffed animals to wall hangings, toy boxes to ceiling borders, putting the final touches on your child’s nursery can be a fun personalizing experience. One of the final touches you may not have considered is a soft, colorful fabric changing pad cover for the vinyl pad you will lay your baby down on many times a day.

A changing pad cover may not seem like a necessity to you, but remember: Your baby will spend lots of time on that little vinyl pad! In the wintertime, a changing pad cover adds softness and warmth, and during hot, humid summer days it saves your little one from the discomfort of lying on that sticky vinyl surface.

Not only does a changing pad cover add to the comfort of your baby at diapering time, it can also add an extra touch of color and softness to the nursery. Some nursery décor collections have optional changing pad covers in fabrics that coordinate with sheets and comforters. You can choose solids that complement the color scheme, or patterns that harmonize with the theme of your nursery décor. Changing pad covers come in a variety of colors, patterns, fabrics, and textures. They are normally purchased singly but stocking up on means having a couple extra on hand in case one needs to go into the wash – you are, after all, going to be dealing with some messy bottoms on them!

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Nursery Décor: Baby Girl’s Designer Nursery Bedding

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Victorian Nursery Bedding

When you have a baby, the theme of your room will grow with them through the first few years of life. You have nine months from conception to birth to plan your nursery, but only 20 to 22 weeks to know gender plans. You will need to know what color scheme and theme you want to go with. Décor has come a long way, and there are now dozens of choices for baby girl’s
designer nursery bedding

When many people think of baby girl bedrooms, they think pink and lacy. While this is extremely adorable, several feel that pink is overdone. There are now thousands of choices available with every color selection and themes, from princess to cowgirl, and animal to modern. There are no specific color palettes but pastels, purples, pink, and yellow have all been popular selections in designer nursery bedding sets.

Many parents have a hard time selecting a theme because of how many choices are available. To make things easier, parents will choose a color scheme and style. Then they can accent with several different accessories. For example, if you go with a modern nursery theme, you can do teals, gray and white. Or go all out with a full 9 piece crib set then the stress of decorating is no longer an issue. Whatever path you choose, you can be certain your child will love it.

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