Booking Your Holiday Travel Family Style

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The winter holidays can be the most wonderful times of the year. But family travel during the holidays has the potential to be a nightmare. From Thanksgiving to New Years has been deemed as the busiest travel time of the year–regardless of whether you’re going by boat, plane, or car. Traveling solo can be stressful and expensive as it is, but then add in the dynamic of the whole family, and it takes holiday stress to a whole different level. To ease some of the stress, Baby’s Own Room wants to share some tips on booking your holiday, family style.

Booking Holiday Travel Family Style - By planning ahead and booking smart, there's no doubt that booking your family's holiday vacation will not only be a smooth process, but also help to create great holiday memories that will last a lifetime. #traveltips

The most important thing you can do is plan early before booking. Planning early will ensure that any kinks or confusions are sorted out well before your departure. Will you be traveling with babies and or young children? Pets? Are you going to be flying or driving? And how long will you and the family be away from home? These will be questions that you and the family will need to answer in plenty of time before you start packing.

With planning in mind, regardless of what method of travel you use, plan on what items you’re going to keep with you. For babies, this means diapers, formula, pacifiers, and small soft toys. For kids, this means things that will entertain them for long travel hours such as their favorite books, DVDs, coloring books, and music.

Now that you’re prepped and ready to get your family travel booked, here are some things to consider.

➜ If you’re going to fly, keep in mind of the busiest travel days of the year. Not only are these days more expensive, but the airport will be packed with people–all with the goal of spending the holidays with loved ones. These days usually fall in the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and the period surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Day celebrations.

Bonus Travel Booking Tip: With Christmas on a Wednesday this year, you can get great deals booking your plane tickets the week before Christmas and leaving after the 26th.

➜ Keep an eye out for family packages and travel deals on the numerous travel websites where you can save money when you book your plane, hotel, and rental car together. If you travel often, look into using your loyalty or rewards points to book your tickets.

➜ By planning ahead and booking smart, there is no doubt that booking your family’s holiday vacation will not only be a smooth process, but also certain to create great holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

Will your family be vacationing over the winter holiday’s this year? Have any tips for stress-free travel? We’d love to hear from you. Safe travels and Happy Holidays! Love, Your friends at Baby’s Own Room

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