Benefits of iPads and Technology on Early Childhood Development

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The Benefits of iPads and Technology in Early Childhood Development


When should you introduce technology to your little ones? That is a question many parents find themselves being faced with these days. While each family will ultimately make the decision that best suits the values of both parents, Baby’s Own Room would like to share some information we’ve learned about the benefits of iPads and technology on early childhood development. One thing for certain is that many parents are introducing iPads and other forms of technology at a younger age. On a personal note, my 2 year old grandson could teach me a thing or two about my iPad! 

With more and more devices being introduced each year to consumers, the benefits of technology early on in childhood development is a hot topic of debate. While traditional forms of teaching in a classroom should always be considered as top priority, technology usage in a child’s early years can definitely help them with different areas of learning. The more options given to a child that can help with communicating and learning skills, the better chance they will be prepared when they interact in the real world.


Here are just a few benefits technology and iPads can offer younger children.

  • The iPad and similar technology offers children an opportunity to learn in a very unique way that can carry over from the classroom to the home.
  •  With more teachers in preschool and kindergarten incorporating iPads in the classroom, the children can be more prepared for elementary school and beyond.
  •  Children can further their classroom taught skills by playing games at home.


More parents are introducing technology to their children at a younger age. Learn about the benefits.


Quick Tip: The first type of app that would be beneficial for a child would be the interactive apps. Because the child will get more excited when they are involved in an open ended type exploration, these apps work great because they allow the child to make multiple responses to a particular problem. The responses need to be made after a certain set of variables play out, which help the child to focus more intuitively. 

Constructive apps are even more beneficial for children in their early development because they allow them to use more of their brain power to create and build rather than simply doing repetitive math equations. The apps can help to create both cognitive development and involvement because they do not offer basic rewards. The child is motivated by the challenge of the application and not so focused on a reward. This helps to benefit the child by letting them explore their minds, helping them to formulate different possible scenarios that push and challenge them.

What other benefits of iPads and technology have you noticed when it comes to your child? If you enjoyed this post, we encourage you to share it with your friends and family. Thanks for dropping by and make it a great day.

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