Baby’s First Christmas – How to Make Wonderful Holiday Memories

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The first year with a new baby is an exciting time of celebrating firsts. Here are some tips for a memorable and stress free holiday season.


The first year with a new baby is an exciting time of celebrating many “firsts.” As the holidays are fast approaching, making the most of your baby’s first holiday season will undoubtedly make wonderful memories full of smiles and laughs. Baby’s Own Room  also wants to ensure that you survive the regular holiday stress and adjust to the change of a new addition in the family very smoothly.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your baby has most likely adjusted to a regular schedule. Or, if your baby is a newborn, your family may be in the process of implementing a schedule. But–when the holidays approach, schedules tend to become hectic. Think of it this way; between the shopping, the gifts, and cooking holiday meals, it is stressful enough even for the grownups. And for a tiny new addition, this can be confusing and equally stressful.

The best thing to do for your baby’s first holiday season is to slow down and enjoy those special moments. Here are some of our best tips for a memorable and stress free, okay maybe we should say ‘less stressful’ holiday season.

  • Avoid the large holiday parties, even though it is tempting to show off your baby to the masses. Being passed around and meeting so many new people at once can be a frightening experience for your little one.
  • Have a small gathering at your home with some food and drinks and take in the simplicity of the holiday season.
  • The same goes for gifts. While it may be tempting to shower your new baby with dozens of gifts, you don’t want to overwhelm them, so keep it to just a few presents.
  • If your friends and family shower them with presents, gradually introduce your baby to new gifts after the holiday season is over. By the way, this is a great remedy for boredom and cranky moments.

With the addition of your new little one, enjoy the adjustment and start creating new holiday traditions that can be enjoyed by the whole family. By making the celebration of the holiday season a smaller one, not only will your baby enjoy the holidays, but most importantly, you will be there to share in those special moments and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

Is this a ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ year for you or someone in your circle of friends and family? If so, how are you planning to make adjustments? Are there new traditions that you plan on starting this year? We’d love to hear from you and it just may help one of our New Moms On The Block! Thanks for your comments.

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  1. All excellent tips, as per the usual 🙂 That photo of the baby made me melt. Oh, for my kiddos to be that young again. Personally, my kids first Christmas was insane! I have a large family and everyone wanted in on baby’s first Christmas.
    Ashley B. recently posted…Toasted Cinnamon Sugar NutsMy Profile

    • Awe thanks Ashley, always nice to see you. Can’t wait to read all about your Toasted Cinnamon Sugar Nuts! Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays to your large family. 🙂 xoxo