Baby Naming The Fun Way

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Baby naming should be fun, however, some parents get far too stressed over the decision process, which can cause problems. You need to consider carefully what you intend to call your baby, and ensure that it is a name that is timeless. Making the wrong decision with your baby’s name can cause problems in the future for your child. With that being said, here are some ideas that Baby’s Own Room came up with to make baby naming fun!

Baby Naming The Fun Way

  • Having trouble deciding on a name that you both can agree on? Start with settling on the first letter of the name. Then have fun making a short list of at least 3 favorite names that begin with the letter.
  • Flowers are a popular choice when looking for the perfect girl’s name. Daisy, Holly, Rose and Lily are still some fun names to choose without being over the top.
  • Gemstones are another alternative name. Make it even more fun and coordinate the name with the baby’s gemstone. Now wouldn’t that just be perfect? Some suggestions are Pearl, Ruby, or Opal. 
  • Another fun baby naming tactic is to honor the memory of a location, or favorite place. Where did you honeymoon or where did you meet?  The possibilities with these are endless. A few examples are Paris, Vienna, or Milan.
  • You may also want to name baby after “your” song. Be careful with this one! Have fun with the process of reminiscing and then come up with a name that symbolizes your courtship.

Every name has a meaning, and some have a fascinating history, but others are simply fun and entertaining. You need to think about whether you want a name that people will comment on for the meaning–or simply due to the fact it is entertaining or a popular name choice. Every name can be perfect if used correctly when naming your baby. Some people like to be unusual, and choose a name that is different and enhanced, by tweaking a traditional name. You may want to change some letters, alter the syllables, or even use an unusual name. Regardless of the name that you choose, you must be happy with your selection and be prepared for comments. Remember that names that are significant will last a lifetime.

Choosing a name should be fun, but you need to select one that is brilliant, right?  How did you choose your baby’s name? We’d love to hear from you. Happy baby naming from your friends at Baby’s Own Room!

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  1. For fear of insulting any expectant mothers, I also love these tips to help choose names for pets. We got a new dog last year and choosing a name was difficult!
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    • For most of us, our pets are just like family to us. It’s no wonder that choosing the most fitting name for your new dog wasn’t an easy thing to do. I’m sure you came up with something perfect. 🙂