Baby Blanket Boot Camp

Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 | Comments Off on Baby Blanket Boot Camp

Babies and blankets sort of go hand and hand but today lets take a closer look at some different types of blankets and baby room decor.  You hear that you are not to have loose blankets around infants, but the nurses in the hospital wrap them up.

There is a big difference between baby blankets and swaddle blankets. Swaddling uses lightweight blankets that are large and can be pulled tight around the baby, which creates a cocoon environment for them. Making them feel safe and secure.  Babies are often swaddled right after birth because it keeps them calm. It is a breathable fabric so they will not overheat. They are also a large rectangular shape so you can wrap your baby and tuck in the remaining fabric.

If your baby fusses when you swaddle him or her, then you will want to switch to a baby blanket. Blankets are often 100% cotton and are fireproof. Many parents will personalize baby blankets, and have them match a theme selected for the child. It is important if you use baby blankets, you follow the blanket safety rules. Your blankets must be lightweight and able to be tucked in around the sides. You do not want any fringe or loose strings that could cut off the blood circulation to the finger. You also never want to have any beadwork on the blanket so take great care when choosing your baby room decor.

It may be difficult to decide when to switch from swaddle blankets to baby blankets if you are a first time mother. The best option is to go by your child’s cues and you will be able to sense when your child is too fussy to be swaddled. When you go to a baby store, you will want to ask for the location of the baby blankets and the swaddling blankets to make sure you buy the correct ones.

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