A Simple Food Guide for Baby’s First Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of year—and a busy one! With friends and relatives to see, dishes to make, and a house to prepare for guests (or travel plans to make if you aren’t the one hosting), planning a separate meal for your baby may be a step you’d rather skip. Fortunately, Thanksgiving dishes tend to be very friendly to tiny tummies, especially if you know which foods to avoid and which get the green light. Of course, you know your own baby best—if any of these foods is already on your OK list then offer away, and if there are foods you know your baby might not be ready for, avoid them even if we’ve given them the go-ahead. Read on for what to offer baby at her first Thanksgiving.

YES foods – Generally OK for most babies over 6-8 months

  1. Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes are typically one of the first foods babies eat because they are easy on the digestion, tasty, and packed with nutrition. Make sure to scoop the marshmallows off the top if serving from a casserole and mash to a pureed consistency, taking care that they’re runny enough to swallow safely.
  2. Mashed Potatoes – As long as your child doesn’t have a dairy sensitivity or allergy, since most mashed potato dishes are made with butter and/or milk, offer away! Follow the same guidelines as sweet potatoes, making sure potatoes are easy to swallow and don’t contain big chunks.
  3. Green Beans – Green beans are a great choice as long as they’re cooked thoroughly and soft enough for toothless mouths to mash and swallow safely.

What do you have planned for baby’s first Thanksgiving meal?

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