A Barrel of Fun!

Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 | Comments Off on A Barrel of Fun!

Say hello to Christopher Wayne.   This little guy was born 9/14/2012 and just barely over 6 pounds, Mama’s little monkey (as she calls him).  His father (an avid rock climber) hopes that Christopher will fall in love with the sport as he did.  He’s looking forward to climbing trips with his son, when he’s old enough and with mother’s permission of course.

I can just see him now scaling the walls of El Capitan, but for now he mostly sleeps in his mama’s warm arms or in his crib that is decked out Monkey style.  His mama choose the Monkey Collection crib bedding set and what a great choice – fits this little guys personality perfectly!  Stop by Baby’s Own Room and see what’s new!

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