It’s A New Day At Child Craft!

Posted by on Jun 22, 2009 | Comments Off on It’s A New Day At Child Craft!

Baby’s Own Room is an internet retailer for Child Craft Industries, a provider of quality cribs and baby furniture to families in America for over 50 years. Child Craft has now been acquired by Foundations Children’s Products of Medina, Ohio. This asset acquisition was effective July 31, 2009. The transition process will be time consuming for those involved but will benefit customers by giving them a greater variety of products from which to choose. Quality, safety and value will still be the backbone of the brand.

I have not had an opportunity yet to become acquainted with the new products that will be available to offer to my customers, but I do look forward to becoming acquainted with Foundations and their line of products. It does appear that some of the Child Craft favorites will no longer be available and for that I am a little sad; however, everybody loves a new look, and fresh offerings in a store are the driving force in retail.

So, keep checking back in with Baby’s Own Room. It’s a New Day at Child Craft and Baby’s Own Room!

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