5 Ways to Track Your Baby’s Milestones

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Pregnancy and new motherhood are magical times. Many new moms feel that there’s no way they could forget their baby’s firsts—first smile, first word, first step…first tantrum. As many moms will tell you, though, the sleep deprivation and the busy-ness of motherhood don’t always lend themselves well to keeping your memory sharp. Here are 5 ways to track your baby’s best moments and milestones to ensure that you don’t forget them.

  1. Keep a Line-a-Day Journal
    One easy way to preserve memories and create an amazing, lasting gift for your children when they’re older is to keep a line-a-day journal. Pick out a journal (even a simple spiral notebook works fine), and write down one memory, event, or milestone each day. You and your family will appreciate all the little moments you thought you forgot later and you’ll keep track of the biggies!
  1. Make Memory Jars
    Label a jar or can with the year and cut a hole in the top. Keep a pen and some squares of paper next to your jar. Each time your baby hits a new milestone or does something you want to remember, jot it down on a square of paper and stick the memory into your jar. At the end of the year, you can more formally record each memory, stick the squares in a scrap-book or album, or simply collect your memory jars, compiling a gallery of memories for your family to go through.
  1. Use a Calendar
    If you know that the only way you’ll keep track of milestones is by putting forth the least amount of effort possible to do so, simply use a calendar. If you’re a paper person, write milestones down on the calendar on the day they occur. If you’re a digital gal, keep track of memories in your Google or Outlook calendar.
  1. Take Photos and Videos
    Even though you think you’ll remember your baby’s chubby cheeks, tiny voice, or the way she sneezed, chances are you won’t! Take a lot of photos and videos, you will be so happy you did in the future.
  1. Save Tidbits
    In addition to writing down milestones, it’s fun to save some visual reminders of special events. Save scraps of wrapping paper, family Christmas cards, etc. to compile in a scrap-book along with your memories and milestones for a beautiful family keepsake!

What’s your favorite way to preserve the special moments in your family’s life?

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