5 Tips for a Fit Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can make it hard to stay active, but staying fit while you’re pregnant can make you feel better throughout, both physically and emotionally, and may even make labor easier.  While it can be difficult for moms-to-be to find the time and energy to exercise and eat right it’s not completely out of reach. Here are a few simple ways to help you maintain your nutrition and fitness goals while pregnant. As with any new diet or exercise plan, discuss with your doctor first.

  1. Yoga.  Find a fitness friend and sign up for a yoga or prenatal Pilates class. It’s a great motivator to have a friend to workout with but if you do “go it alone,” these classes are a great way to meet other new moms to be.  Yoga can help increase flexibility and energy levels.  And with a handful of new friends utilize these contacts as walking buddies and other fitness orientated activities and work on your pregnancy fitness goals together!
  2. Walk!  Walking is a good non-dangerous way to stay active, aim for 30 to 60 minutes of exercise six days each week but make sure you’re not pushing yourself. If you notice that you’re low on energy cut your walks into sections 2 or 3 times a day or start slow with (10 minutes).  You may notice that once you get going, your energy levels rise and you feel encouraged to walk for a longer period than you originally thought. The goal here is to stay fit, not compete in the next body building contest.  So take it slow and listen to your body.
  3. Low-impact aerobics. Check your local gym for classes or if you are more comfortable at home invest in a few prenatal workout videos.  Ensure they are designed with modifications to fit your comfort level and are low-impact.  There are also hundreds of free exercise apps on IPhone.
  4. Swimming. Swimming is safe throughout the whole pregnancy, so take advantage of it. It keeps you active but is very low-impact – very easy to do while pregnant.
  5. Weight training. Don’t go for heavier weights, but light weight training can help keep your muscles stay tight, tone and strong during the pregnancy.

Take it slow and easy. Drink plenty of water and always have a bottle close by, even if you’re swimming. Be sure to include a warm-up and cool-down that includes stretching, which helps prevent strains and injuries.  Dress for your workout; wear comfortable clothes and proper footwear. Eat a balanced diet full of fruits and veggies to stay heart healthy and full of good energy. As you progress in your pregnancy, it is normal for the workouts to feel harder. The best thing you can do is listen, listen LISTEN to your body and stop when you need to.  How do you know if you need to slow down?  A good indicator is if you can’t hold a conversation with your fitness friend, then it’s time to slow your pace.  Stay fit, stay healthy and enjoy your pregnancy!

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