4 Ways for New Moms to Get Moving in 2015

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If you’re a new mom in the new year, you have plenty of excuses NOT to exercise. You’re sleep deprived and exhausted, outdoor activities with a newborn or small child aren’t always safe or fun in winter weather, you hardly have time to comb your hair let alone exercise, your baby goes everywhere you go…the list goes on! While exercise is typically the last thing on a new mom’s to do list, if you can manage to work some movement into your day you might actually find that you have more energy, are in a happier mood, and sleep better—when baby lets you. The following are 4 ways to get moving as a new mom in 2015.

  1. Mommy Exercise Classes
    From Stroller Strides to Mommy and Me Yoga to Baby Boot Camp, the list of classes for new moms with a baby in tow gets longer each year. Performing a simple internet search for “mom and baby classes” or “mom and baby exercise” in your area will likely bring up way more options than you ever knew existed for classes you can take your baby to. You’ll usually get about an hour’s worth of exercise (don’t worry if you have to take a nursing break!), an opportunity to connect with other new moms, and a chance to model healthy habits right from the start.
  1. Dance Your Baby
    One of the best ways to lift your mood and energy in the morning or during the mid-afternoon slump is with a mini dance party. Turn on some kid-friendly tunes or anything that puts a smile on your face and bounce baby around the living room. Your baby will love it and you’ll get a great workout, even if you only spend 10 minutes dancing.
  1. Walks
    Taking a walk with your baby is the perfect way to get exercise as a new mom for a few reasons. First, you probably aren’t getting out of the house nearly as much as you did before parenthood and probably could use a change of scenery. Second, outside offers a whole new world of colors, shapes, smells, and sounds for your baby to enjoy. If it’s too cold or snowy where you live to walk outside, walk around a big mall! Finally, walking is gentle enough for post c-section and super sleep deprived moms but still effectively burns calories and gets your blood pumping.
  1. Music & Movement Classes
    If your baby is old enough to enjoy an infant class (most are usually recommended for children six months and older), sign up for a few. Music and baby “dance” classes (which end up being simple, fun movements) invite parents and babies to get moving in new, creative ways that are catered to children’s development and learning.
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