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To Use a Nightlight or Not to Use a Nightlight: That is the Question

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Once your baby is transitioned into her own room you might start asking yourself if you should (or should not) be using a nightlight for your child during bedtime. You may worry that a light will keep her up and disturb her sleep – or perhaps your worry is just the opposite in that your little one will be scared to sleep in the dark. A good simple rule to follow is, if you’d like to use a nightlight then do so. Or if you feel that your baby seems more comfortable with a nightlight on then by all means have one. However, it’s important not to make assumptions right away that your child is scared of the dark. Small children – especially infants – are pretty much accustomed to dark environments due to the time they spent in the womb. I would recommend putting your baby to bed without a nightlight at first and see how it goes, if your baby seems uncomfortable in the darkness, then you could try adding a nightlight.

If child is a little older and does need the night light due to some developing fears of the dark or you may want some light in the room so you can see when you go in to check on them – it’s OK to do so. Research shows that nightmares can begin as early as two years old so when nightly fears develop, adding a night light could provide just the level of comfort your little one needs. It’s important to always be sure you understand why your child feels scared – addressing the core issue first is vital. If your child needs the night light for comfort then let them have it. If it means helping them feel safe and secure in their environment and promotes better sleep for all then it’s not a battle you need to bother having. Just remember if you do end up using a nightlight, be careful what watt bulb you buy. Aim for 4-7 watts, but no brighter to promote restful sleep.


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How to Choose the Perfect Color Palette for Your Baby’s Nursery

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Did you know that babies are able to perceive color from the time they are about 3 months old? It’s true! You may already know that certain sounds elicit particular emotional responses from your baby – in that same way different colors will produce different reactions. This may lead you to start asking questions about what color is best for your nursery and what colors will lead to enough stimulation for your child.

Don’t fret as these questions are very common among parents. There is tons of scientific evidence out there for your review as to all the ways color affects adults. Despite any scientific debate regarding infants it stands to reason that color at least has the potential to affect your baby as well. Why not take advantage of all the research out there and use it in your nursery? Use our quick review guide below for help in choosing the perfect color palette for your little one’s special room!

COOL – Think blue and green sections of the color wheel. If you need to make a cramped space feel more spacious and airy use lighter color shades which will be calming and soothing. Darker shades can be cold and depressing so think light! Blue promotes sleep which is good for any newborn (and parents!) – studies show it slows down the human nervous system and produces a calming effect which helps prepare the body for sleep. Green is also another calming tone that can bring feelings of tranquility and well-being. Be sure to accent your cool shades with hints of the warmer ones listed below!

WARM – Think red, yellow, and orange sections of the color wheel. These tones make larger rooms feel smaller and cozy which fosters feelings of comfort and relaxation for your baby. However, be sure to pick more earthy balanced tones as intense shades could overstimulate your little one. Bright vivid red is best as an accent color only and not to be used on walls. Use it only to add a burst of energy to a more neutral palette.

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How to Organize Baby’s Room by Maximizing Storage

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child-228414_1920 (1)

As many of you know, living in a small space is challenging – add a baby into the mix, and even those who thought they had their space organized can be thrown for a loop. As the due date draws closer, the nursery will fill up quickly with tiny clothes, toys and books. Not to mention big stuff like swings, strollers and other newborn gear! Figuring out where to put everything can be a challenge but here are a few fun suggestions to keep all of baby’s things organized, read on.

First things first!
Pack away all toys, clothes and other gear that baby is not ready for yet. Only leave out the age appropriate things that are necessary in daily life on your easy to reach shelves. Babies grow up so fast that its normal to accumulate things – especially clothes – that your kiddo is not quite big enough for yet. However, that doesn’t mean those items need to be accessible right now. Make the most of your closet space by utilizing high shelves; also consider using under-bed boxes for quick, easy access. Be sure to clearly label the stuff you stow away (and sort it by age if possible) to make it easy to find the next size up when you need it.

Storage is key!
Parents understand the need for lots of shelving – especially if you live in a small space. Floor-to-ceiling shelving would be ideal for most parents as it allows for tons of things to fit in one space and is super-convenient for putting things away. Unfortunately storing everything on open shelving can look messy but you can easily hide your storage area by hanging full-length curtains from the ceiling in front of the shelving.  That way you can just slide them closed and all of the mess will disappear! Another idea to use cute storage boxes to stow all of that gear in – choose something that is easy to pull in and out and make sure to add a fun tag to label what is inside.

Do you have other ways to maximize storage in baby’s room? We would love to hear your suggestions!



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Music IS Good for Your Baby!

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If you have ever wondered if your baby can benefit from music then just think of all the times you’ve put on a relaxing tune to wind down at the end of the day, or used an upbeat melody to motivate yourself and put a smile on your face. Your baby is no different. For decades, lullabies have proven solid for soothing infants to sleep and you are probably among the many parents who have learned the words to classic songs to sing your kiddos softly to sleep night after night. Continue to do this!

Did you know that music is sometimes part of therapy for premature babies because research links listening to music with improved weight gain? Music can benefit you, too. It has the power to lift your spirits, soothe your frayed nerves, and move you to dance. Sharing these tunes together promotes bonding with your child as you both will experience joy simultaneously. Additionally, learn as much as you can about music because as your baby gets older research shows that studying music at a young age can dramatically influence your child’s brain development and creativity.

Babies can hear music in the womb and can even distinguish between and remember different sounds! Newborns have the ability to recognize and remember certain aspects of pitch and rhythm. Foster these skills by making music an important fixture in your home and routines. Play music at bedtime so you can prompt your child to go to sleep by associating specific songs with the end of the day. Don’t resign your music selections to lullabies, but do think cheerful and simple. Let your personal preferences be your guide but try to stay in tune with what your child responds favorably to. The goal is to create a lasting love for music in your child while having fun and exposing your child to new sounds. Be proud – sing loud!

Do you share music with your baby? What has her reaction been?

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Go Fly a Kite! No Literally…Go Outside and Fly a Kite!

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It may seem like an offbeat idea at first but there are actually many proven benefits to taking time out to fly a kite. The good news is that kites can be obtained easily and at little cost. Of course you could spend a fortune on the perfect kite but you could also make your own and design it to your personal style. This activity is something you can do solo or you can always involve your kids and family in on the fun! It’s also important to note that kite flying is an outdoor activity inclusive of individuals of all size, age and physical ability.

Socializing is one of the great benefits of kite flying as it is often done in groups – most often as a fun activity but it can also be done competitively. The kites we pick are often a reflection of ourselves and our personalities. A beautiful kite flying in the sky is a natural conversation starter for those who struggle with social interactions but want to reach out to a fellow kite flyer at the park. We can also use kites to create happy memories with our families that we talk about for years to come. There is much evidence which shows that we need social connections for our lasting health and well-being so why not use kite flying as an opportunity to do just that.

Another added benefit of kite flying is the fact that it gives you another reason to get up and go outside and explore the world around you. This activity is hopefully framed by wide open spaces, blue skies and gentle winds. There is much research that proves that being in nature is good for you. Take this time outside to appreciate all that is around you. Make shapes out of clouds, watch the waves roll in, gaze as the wind dances your colorful kite all over the sky but take a moment to reflect. You really will appreciate and feel the difference later.

There isn’t really much physical effort involved in kite flying but it does foster the environment for bigger forms of outdoor play and exercise. After a nice flight you may be tempted to continue your walk, step it up to a run or move on to another outdoor sport that is offered nearby. Your heart rate will already be elevated and your mood will be conducive to exercising. Kite flying does have some value as a cardio workout but it also helps with mindfulness. It helps one pay attention and fosters more acute awareness of the here and now. This type of awareness has huge health benefits including decreased anxiety and depression. Who knew when people told you to “Go fly a kite!” they were actually trying to do you a favor?!

Can you think of the last time you went outside and flew a kite? What is your favorite childhood memory of kites? Can you see yourself temporarily letting go of tomorrow’s deadlines by holding a kite string?

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