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Top 3 Tips For Breastfeeding in Public

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Top 3 Tips For Breastfeeding in Public


Do you get nervous about breastfeeding in public? It is usually an awkward moment for every new nursing mom. However, there are some methods you can use to tame the public-breastfeeding jitters. So read on and gain confidence when unbuttoning your blouse in public.

For a start, it is important to know–even though everyone may not be happy if you start nursing your little angel in front of them; you have the law on your side!

No matter what people may tell you, you are allowed to nurse in public. Here are some things you can do in order to help you nurse with confidence and comfort even when you are not at home.

Top 3 Tips For Breastfeeding in Public:
1. Dress for Success
Make sure that you are wearing something that will give your baby easier access to his lunch–while granting you more privacy at the same time. Two piece outfits, shirts that button from bottom to top or have hidden flaps are very useful. Try to avoid dresses unless they open from the front or have a wrap style front. Blankets and shawls can also come in handy.
2. Dress Rehearsal
Before heading out, you can breastfeed your baby in front of a mirror to see how much exposure you are getting. You can also ask your partner to observe. In case you are not comfortable with a full frontal view, you can always try turning to the side until you find a position that is best for you. First timers, don’t worry if your breastfeeding fears get the best of you. Always store some breastmilk and have a bottle on hand for a just in case moment.
3. Find an ideal place to nurse
Whenever you go out, scout places that are ideal for nursing such as a quiet corner in a department store or an out-of-the-way table in a restaurant. Some of my favorite Department stores have beautiful and peaceful Family Rooms just for you, the nursing mom and baby duo. Remember not to let your baby go hungry since he will start to cry and make it hard for you to feed him discretely.

Also keep in mind that confidence is the key to breastfeeding in public and the more you do it, the less self-conscious you will become. Do you have a supportive, funny, or wacky breastfeeding story to share with us? We’d love to see your pics and or hear from you at Baby’s Own Room’s Facebook community

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