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DIY Funny Bunny Rabbit Easter Egg Decorating Craft

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DIY Funny Bunny Rabbit Easter Egg Decorating Craft


With Easter fast approaching, it’s time to get ready to help the kids create those colorful Easter eggs they enjoy so much. Do you find that the traditional color dipping stations aren’t very exciting for the kids anymore? If so, part of the reason may be that they don’t really get to express their creativity and personality in those ‘cookie cutter’ design projects. This month Baby’s Own Room would like to share a fun and creative do-it-yourself Easter egg decorating craft project for the kids.  We call the craft Funny Bunny Rabbit, and it’s sure to showcase the creative side of each child.

Baby’s Own Room quick tip: When the big day comes you’ll be able to hide the funny egg bunnies for your family Easter egg hunt!

Let’s get to the fun! For this incredibly cute egg coloring craft, the first thing you’ll need to do is color one egg in solid orange. Then let the children color the rest of the eggs like you normally would, but in any color they like. For this crafty idea we suggest that you purchase pastel dyes because you will be drawing on the eggs–and the lighter the color of the rabbit the better. Since these will eventually be bunnies, white eggs work fine, but kids will enjoy making the color of their bunny unique.

Once the eggs are completely dry, follow these easy steps:

  •      Give each child a pink pom pom that they can glue to the egg as the bunny’s nose.
  •      Give each child a fine black marker so they can personalize the bunny with some cute eyes and whiskers along the side of the pink pom pom.
  •      Let each child customize each bunny however they like.
  •      Cut out some bunny ears with either some card stock or color foam material.
  •      Let the kids place a small amount of glue on the bottom of the ears and then stick them to the top of their egg.
  •      While the ears are drying, cut out four or five pieces of green ribbon approximately 9 inches in length.
  •      Fold the ribbons in half and staple where you made the fold.
  •      Make a small fold where you just added the staple, and apply a small amount of glue to that area.
  •      Finally, apply the green ribbons to the top of the orange egg to create the carrot for all the bunnies to enjoy while sitting in the egg carton or Easter basket.


Sit back and watch the kids create funny bunny eggs, break out in huge smiles, and enjoy lots of giggles. Happy Easter from your friends at Baby’s Own Room!


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Non-Traditional Colors For Your Baby Nursery

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Non-Traditional Colors For Your Baby Nursery

Trying to decide on a non-traditional color pallet for your baby’s nursery? We are so conditioned to decorate our spaces for baby, in either pink or blue. More people have begun to introduce greens and yellows as gender neutral nursery room décor. But, have you considered creating a unique dream nursery in colors like orange, brown, black, or even red? Baby’s Own Room is here to help you think out the box for some non-traditional ideas.

Love bright, happy, or rich colors? Here are some ideas that may suit your fancy.

Orange invites attention and warm summery feelings. It’s vibrant, energetic vibe promises a unique and cheerful space. If you want to brighten your baby’s room, choose an orange crib bedding set. If you haven’t determined your baby’s gender, orange baby bedding sets are great for a gender neutral nursery as well.


Non-Traditional Colors for Your Baby Nursery - Orange Baby Nursery Teyos Tires Theme

Another color that can be both whimsical and fun is red. Red bedding sets can be inspired by both classic and modern themes–from sports to animals and fire trucks to floral. For instance, if you love an outdoorsy look; imagine the lady bug themed nursery you could create in red, black, and white.

There are more choices out there that are limited only by your comfort zone.

Purple is a versatile color that symbolizes royalty. What better color for the new reigning princess in your life. The color purple has been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries. In fact, Queen Elizabeth I only permitted close members of the royal family to wear it. Purple’s elite status stems from the rarity and cost of the dye originally used to produce it.

Black is definitely a non-traditional choice, however, used cleverly can be the perfect color pallet for a masculine baby boy nursery. Combined with softer colors, it can be perfect for a little girl baby too.

Some reasons to go with Black:

  • Black may not be the first color you think of when decorating your child’s room but it certainly makes a bold statement that unlike any other color, is basic and never goes out of style.
  • The color black is so widely regarded as powerfully sophisticated in fashion that the term “the new black” is often used to describe and give merit to a color trend, so why not decorate with your nursery with it?
  • Deciding to use Black Baby Bedding in your child’s room makes a formal statement of dramatic elegance that brings strength and presence to the room capable of standing alone or it may be used to emphasize other colors of your choice.

Go right on out there and create an amazing focal point in your nursery with orange and beyond bedding! At Baby’s Own Room, you’ll find that we offer a great selection of matching nursery décor.  Add matching wall hangings, window curtains/panels, lampshades, laundry hampers and more; to complete the non-traditional baby nursery of your dreams. What’s your favorite color?


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50 Things to Collect for Your Pregnancy Memory Book

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50 Things to Save for Your Pregnancy Memory Book


From the moment you start your preconception planning to the second you give birth, thousands of memories will be made. A baby and pregnancy memory book is the best way to preserve these cherished moments–to have for a lifetime. Imagine how awesome it will be to have these keepsakes for your children and grandchildren! This week, Baby’s Own Room would like to list 50 things to collect for your pregnancy memory book. 

Consider saving some of these items that symbolize the important events in your personal pregnancy journey:

  1. The receipt for your home pregnancy test.
  2. The Dr. appointment reminder card for your first prenatal exam.
  3. A photo of mom and dad hugging prior to the pregnancy.
  4. A photo of mom and dad hugging during the pregnancy.
  5. Baby bump photos each of your 9 months. Tip: Each month you can take the photo in the same pose and same spot to show the growth.
  6. Your first ultrasound photo.
  7. Tags from your first maternity outfit.
  8. Before and after photos of your baby’s nursery room.
  9. Pressed flowers from your romantic celebration of the growing family.
  10. Photos of you putting the crib together.
  11. A list of your strange food cravings.
  12. A list of name choices leading up to the chosen one.
  13. A handmade family tree.
  14. Your hospital wristband.
  15. Baby’s hospital band.
  16. A photo of your OB/GYN and favorite nurse.
  17. Your baby shower invitation.
  18. Tons of pictures from your baby shower.
  19. Gender ultrasound picture.
  20. Record of baby’s first kick.
  21. A personal message to baby from mom and dad.
  22. A newspaper headline from baby’s birthday.
  23. Movie tickets from your last date together before baby.
  24. Empty candy wrapper of your most craved sweets.
  25. List of baby shower guests and gifts.
  26. Photo of clock showing time of delivery.
  27. A list of the most popular songs in baby’s birth year.
  28. A list of popular movies.
  29. Any and all cards received during your pregnancy.
  30. A How Mom and Dad Met letter.
  31. Sibling bonding pictures. (kissing tummy, reading to unborn baby, feeling baby kick)
  32. Your store baby registry list.
  33. Pictures of you and your baby shower planner.
  34. A copy of your countdown calendar.
  35. Create a short video story to watch with baby. (include wishes and dreams for baby)
  36. Schedule a professional maternity photo shoot. Save your favorites in the memory book.
  37. Document your lamaze classes with photos and memories.
  38. Document your breastfeeding classes.
  39. The first gift card used from your baby shower registry.
  40. Blog posts , articles, and newspaper clippings sharing baby and parenting tips.
  41. Pictures of the family pet. (it will be nice to compare the growth each year)
  42. Photo of baby’s first outfit to wear from the hospital.
  43. Document your shoe size before and after pregnancy.
  44. Get a manicure that says It’s A Girl or It’s A Boy, if you know the gender ahead of time. Keep the photo.
  45. Create a baby bump mold. Keep the photo.
  46. Start an art project surrounding baby’s due date for baby’s wall.
  47. Swatches of fabrics from baby’s first crib bedding set.
  48. Have a belly painting night once your baby bump is nice and round. Take cute pictures and create a collage.
  49. Create a personalized pregnancy ticker.
  50. Once baby is finally here, take a photo of the hospital room scale showing the birth weight for your Instagram and Facebook shares. 🙂

Did we miss anything? Please share any unique keepsakes you included in your pregnancy memory book, we’d love to hear from you. Remember to enjoy every single moment; even though it may seem to last forever–9 months will fly by. Happy pregnancy and happy baby from your friends at Baby’s Own Room.

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